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Pai District

Ipsita Biti
Pai is a town in the Mae Hong Soon Province of northern Thailand. It sits in a valley on the banks of the Pai River. It's known for its nearby gorges, hot springs like the Tha Pai Hot Spring and waterfalls like Mo Paeng Waterfall. Downtown, food stalls and handicraft shops line Pai Walking Street. West of town lies Baan Santichon, a traditional Chinese village with clay houses and eateries serving Yunnan cuisine.It's easy to take a bus from chiang mai to Pai which is around 3 hours journey. Pai is a village where most of the things made are organic. you guys can visit to nearby places like pai's waterfall and pai's walking street. Be aware of mosquitoes. it is recommended to carry mosquito spray with you.
Aakanksha Magan
So, if you wish to go a little offbeat, choose Pai in Thailand, a sleepy paradise hidden somewhere on the road from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son.