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Pattaya Chon Buri Thailand

We had to walk a little on the beach to the place the boat was anchored. My grandma had the toughest time of all - she wore a saree for the adventure. I was more than impressed by the energy with which she approached every part of the trip. Her fearlessness amazed me as she is over 70 and suffered from pain due to non-stop walking in the past few days. Coming back to the motorboat ride, it was a task boarding the boat as it bobbed up and down with the waves. Once on it, we sped to the first check point - the parasailing platform. It journey was very bumpy. Even more so for the three of us (my sister, cousin and I) as we were sitting in the very front of the boat, where the effect of bumps was the greatest. The bobbing of the boat was now replaced by jumps, and we held on tightly for we feared the possibility of getting injured, or worse, being tossed out. In a matter of minutes we could see huge colourful parachutes filling the sky. I was thrilled by just looking at them and was more-or-less tempted to give it a shot. I realised what we had gotten into when I understood how we were to alight the motorboat. Even though it was tied to the platform the boat rose and fell with the rough waves. I was seriously worried now. Somehow all 11 of us made it to the platform unhurt. Following my sister, my cousin started showing special interest in parasailing (Her grandparents were really apprehensive about letting her go for it). Their interest was pretty contagious, because three of us (my parents and I) queued up for the experience as well. I remember being harnessed and buckled to the parachute. On being given an option about taking a dip in the water my sister went for it, while I instantly refused.
Neha Ghotane
After a long swim at the Pattaya beach, we changed our beach clothes to a classy evening attire and headed towards Alcazar performance which takes place on the 2nd road, about 400m from the Central mall and Hilton. We booked the tickets on the way through an agent for THB600 each which was THB1000 at the actual Alcazar location, sounds weird but its true. The ticket prices are higher at the Alcazar location and cheaper with the agents. Haggling is required to save few bucks. We were offered free refreshments when we entered the auditorium. The girls/ladyboys were beautifully dressed and the performance was breath taking. They performed various dances including 'Aaja Nachle', a song of Madhuri Dixit. The show lasted for about an hour and it was worth every THB. The ladyboys stood outside the auditorium and allowed the crowd to 'feel' them and take photos with them for THB200. On our way back, we found numerous restaurants with fresh and live seafood for the visitors to select on per kilogram basis for the restaurant to cook. The seafood looked fancy but we didn't try it since we had a bad experience with Thai food the same morning. We dined at a fine Pizza restaurant later.We then headed to the walking street, the red light area of Pattaya.After checking out around 15 bars, we went to a go go bar to see strippers for free, we paid only for beer(THB80).We went to Pattaya beach again in the morning. The beach had various stalls for tank top shopping for boys and girls priced at THB50. For budget travellers, it is better to shop at 7eleven or Family mart which are present every 50m. You can get reasonably priced packaged drinking water, bread, cup noodles, muffins, chips etc for breakfast and snacks. We stayed at Siam Guesthouse on 2nd road. Tuk tuk (taxi) takes around THB50 per person to drop to Pattaya bus terminal from where the buses for Bangkok leave. The ticket price for Bangkok is THB120 (A/C) for Ekkamai bus toenail or Mo Chit bus terminal.On reaching Bangkok, we checked in at Nice Palace hotel which is 2km away from Mo Chit BTS station. Floating market is about 20km away and can be reached by local bus. Siam centre was beautiful at night. However cheap street shopping can be done at Chatuchak weekend market (open Thurs-Sun) and near Victory monument. You get glamorous clothes at very reasonable prices. Haggling is encouraged. Electronics shopping can be done at Pantip which a five floored building. Do experience sky train and MRT (underground tube train) at night and see around lovely lights and buildings. Airport (Don Mueang) can be reached by bus A1 or A2 from Mo Chit bus terminal (THB30). Time taken is approximately 30 minutes. So folks, if you have enjoyed Bangkok Pattaya trip blog, do read about Phuket and Krabi.Standard Double room (A/C) Rs. 990/- per nightStandard Double room (A/C) Rs. 750/- per night
Tanvi S