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Mallika Rohatgi
Elephant ride and splash near Phang Nga: ELEPHANT SPLASH!!!! Yeah, a must-do if you haven’t already.
Reshma J
Raviteja Govindaraju
The views from our boat made me awestruck. This part of the world has very peculiar islands and islets. Many of them are small rocky outcrops that steeply rise out of the sea and don't have land access. There are others that are large and uninhabited with characteristic tiny white sand beaches, coral reefs and intricate cave systems. I managed to click some great pictures that capture the amazing nature out there covering Phang Nga Bay, Panak Island, Hong Island, Diamond Cave, James Bond Island, PingKan, Panyi village & Naka Island.We missed the sunset point as the tides grew stronger and our guide advised that we should head back quickly. There were also thick clouds covering the sun and suggesting a storm.I checked into my hotel after a long day. And what do you do in Phuket to unwind to the maximum? You head to Bangla road. I made sure it was walkable from my hotel.Remember this: What happens in Bangla road stays in Bangla road.Phuket - Day 3After an adventurous day 2, day 3 was just about rewinding and spending time peacefully. I woke up late (due to a long night ;)) and ventured out to explore authentic (& legit :P) thai massage places near my hotel and found this place on Google. I tried it out and oh man! the authentic thai massage is actually painful!