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Phimai Si Sa Ket Thailand

Muthu Venkatesh
Phimai was my next stop in Thailand, after visiting the bygone capital city of Ayutthaya. This ancient town of Phimai, located in the north-eastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima (or Khorat), was once a part of the mighty Khmer empire of Angkor (present Cambodia) and marked its territory in the western frontier. To portray the grandeur of the empire, the temple of Prasat Phimai was built there in as early 10th century about the same time period of Angkor Wat. The temple which was under ruins, is now somewhat fully reinstated by Thai govt and opened up for the tourists as Phimai Historical Park.To get to there one has to take a train or bus to Khorat city, from where there are frequent buses connecting to Phimai. There are two trains daily from Bangkok to Korat that runs through Ayutthaya. I decided to catch the mid-day train from Ayutthaya, so that I can reach Phimai before nightfall. I suppose taking the train to would be the best option as it gives a very pleasant travel experience. The fellow passengers who were are all locals, were a bit curious and quite amazed to see a foreigner in that train to north-eastern part of Thailand which hardly sees any foreign tourists. They tried to indulge in small friendly talks in thai language to which I kept responding back with a nice smile as most of the time I couldn't really comprehend what they mean. They also alerted me when my station came closer as train was heading further north and stops only for few minutes in Khorat. From the station, I was guided by the officials there to take a motorbike taxi to bus terminal #2 which was about 3 miles away. The bus to Phimai was readily available there and departed nearly after 30 mins of waiting.