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September - May
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Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Padmanabhswamy Temple : It is located in the East Fort. It is believed to be the world's richest temple. Also there are Kuthira Mallika palace of the royal family . ALso there is Maharaja swathi thirunal office.Perumathura and Muthalapozhi : Sleepy village near to Trivandrum. If you are fond of riding bike, this is a place you should ride to.
Chitra Vora
On day 3, we decided to head to Thiruvananthapuram city to explore the famous Padmanabhaswamy Temple. This is a temple of very high religious significance in India and thousands of tourists visit here to worship Lord Vishnu every year. There are other stops such as Napier Museum for people who are interested in exploring history and museums. For shopaholics, Thriuvananthapuram is the ultimate destination for traditional Kanjeevaram Silk sarees. Do pay a visit to Pothys and Jayalakshmi for a mind boggling variety of sarees. We were lucky to see an amazing Kathakali performance, giving us all the cultural feels!
Aarush Tandon
This temple of worship of Vishnu could only be accessed by Hindus and that too when you have put a lungi.With riches worth around 20 billion dollars, the temple is the richest of the religious places in the world. These numbers don't include the largest of the lockers which has the most amount of jewels. It's worth more than 40 folds.
The temple has great history and is known for rich belongings and assets it owns which was recently discovered by Govt. Built in 16th century,this beautiful temple has a touch of Kovil architecture from its neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. The main deity is here is Lord Vishnu and is the place of worship for the royal family of Travancore.Tradition Indian attire is compulsory, we can rent dhotis at the entrance of the temple.
Anshul Ghiloria
The PadmanabhaSwami Temple is one of the main tourist attraction. The temple is very old and rich, and sadly not as well maintained. There is a very large statue of Lord Vishnu in the main temple. It's hard to understand the figure through 3 tiny gates. From each gate, you can see the head, the torso, and the feet of the Lord Vishnu made from a black stone, which makes it even harder to recognize in the dark, at first. You need to be wearing either a saree, a lose long skirt/lehenga, or you will have to wrap around a dhoti over your clothes. For men, dhoti/lungi is compulsory too, and without any shirt on top. They sell those outside the temple as well.