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Abhishek Inani
Journey will takes approx 45 mins to 1 hr so you can relax and enjoy natural natural beauty on road.Once reached guide will ask you any one want to give hairs (BAL DAN). Many interested people will get down and guide too, so he will ask you wait at some shop and will be back in 45 mins to 1 hr (this time is totally waste for others so you can enjoy the beauty of Tirumala in this time)After this he will proceed for Lord Tirupati darshan and take 300 rs ticket himself from counter (included in package)Listen to the guide carefully as he iwll not accompany you for darshan.Guide will ask if any one want extra Laddu (75 rs per laddu extra), 2 laddu will be part of 300 ticketDarshan will take hardly 1 to 1.30 hrs depending on day and time slot (my was Tuesday, 9 am), so keep patience and don't worry after seeing waiting hall number like (41,40,39,.............etc)You will be hardly allowed to take a glimpse of Lord Tirupati, so don't waste time by talking to others instead of that keep chanting JAI GOVINDA and be ready for darshan for few seconds.After darshan have prasadam in temple itself.Now the actual fight start for exit (same like entry), but entry having some discipline and management. But at exit no discipline and management and a narrow escape.After successful exit, meet at mentioned point collect Laddo from guide and wait at same shop where he asked to put mobiles. Take your mobiles and sit in link bus back to APTDC bus in TirupathiHere guide will get off and you will be transferred to Bangalore.On midway had paid lunch at PL kandy hotel (150 rs buffet) Must have great flavors of south
Sagar Sharma
Indian’s are well aware of the fact that Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam is one of the richest and admired temples. People from across the world travel to this temple to make wishes: some donate their wealth, some pray for their health, some pray for a child, and a few come to get married. Undoubtedly, getting married in a wedding set-up so divine is hundred times fancier than a 5-star property. Trust me; the backdrop is prettier than Karan Johar’s movie sets too.
N.v. Chaitanya Sai
Landed in tirupati on 3oth morning and went to tirumala to complete our darshan of Sri Balaji.After trekking up more than 2000 steps we reached tirumala.
Tejpal Choudhary
Tirumala temple, Tirupati – Abode to the world’s most prosperous GodOne of the wealthiest temples in India, the temple witnesses a humongous influx of tourists across the year. The annual count of devotees shoots up to 40 million visitors and a staggering 50,000 daily visitors. Hence, it happens to be one of the most visited temples in the world and not just in India. It makes it one of the most famous temples in India. Also, called the ’Temple of seven hills’, the main temple is located on the seventh peak.Adding to the never-ending donation rituals, there’s yet another fascinating ritual of head tonsuring. Hindu mythology again plays a pivotal role behind the rationale of head tonsuring ritual. Devotees donate more than a staggering one ton of hair every year. All this hair is then sold internationally for cosmetic and surgical purposes.One shall not miss the celebrations when the Brahmotsavam festival is celebrated for nine days.