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Tulamben Beach

Yesha Gala
We went to this island for diving which has lot of corals , one can even donate & plant a coral. Lot of Blue Sea Stars can be seen here. Spectacular structures underwater. I did my last dive here which was the longest and deepest we went was 15m= 45 feet! My certification course ended here after all my theory, confined pool sessions and skills in the sea! It was a day when my Dream came True! Evening we went for a good dinner to celebrate & enjoy my success!
USAT (United States Army Transport) Liberty Wreck, Tulamben This snorkel site is directly across from the Puri Madha Hotel. This 120m long American ship was built in 1915 and came to Indonesian waters during World War II. On January 11, 1942 it was torpedoed by the Japanese, then dragged to deep waters because the wreck was a hazard to navigation. After the volcanic explosion of Mt. Agung in 1963, the ship moved closer to the shore because of the lava greatly shifting the coast line. The snorkeling here is fantastic. Colorful soft and hard corals as well as fish make their home in this wreck, which is in three large pieces. Sometimes over 100 divers visit the site at the same time so it can be crowded!