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I pre-booked a tour to one of the Prince’s Island called Bayakuda online. The uniqueness about this island is that it does not give access to any motor vehicles & the only mode of transport is horse drawn chariots & bicycles making the islands an oasis of peace and serenity. However my bad luck is the tour got cancelled due to extreme fog across the river. Hence I replaced the tour with another trip to Mount Uludağ in Bursa province. Bursa is the 1st city of Ottaman empire
Tanvi Nadkarni
Taking a day trip from Istanbul to the city of Bursa is highly recommended. There are plenty of buses, ferries which takes you to this neighboring and lesser known city of Bursa. Although, smaller to Istanbul, this city has lot of offer in terms of architecture and history. The best part being that it can be explored in just one day. And that too on foot. So what are you waiting for? Go offbeat & let this guide to Bursa help you with planning.