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Day 5,6,7: Fetheye Fetheye is really beautiful place with amazing scenic beaches, and boat trips. There are many boat trips in the peak season to 12 island and many other beautiful places, this was amazing and scenic tour. At some places the water is really crystal clear. 1st Day was spent mostly in and around the city 2nd Day was boat trip to 12 island, amazing tour. 3rd Day was spent doing Paragliding and drive to Saklikent, Tlos. The road to Saklikent is also really beautiful.
Fethiye is a customary business town set around a wonderful harbor. With a scuba diving focus and numerous pontoons using the harbor its an energetic bustling spot. Pointed at the more seasoned visitor, its perfect on the off chance that you don’t need the nightlife and action of a portion of alternate urban communities in Turkey.