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Next day, we got up at 3 am as our hot air balloon ride was booked with capadoccia voyager balloons company. A guy from the company picked us up exactly at 3.45 am, picked other tourists on the way and dropped us at the facility where we paid for our ride and were comforted with early morning breakfast. Once all the formalities were done, we were sent to balloon ride facility where we waited for around 20-30 mins for inflation of the balloons. This early morning site with hundreds balloons being filled up and people waiting beside to step up on experiencing one of a lifetime adventures makes getting up at 3 am worth. Once the hot air is filled and the balloon is lifted, the passengers take a step-in inside the basket and the lifting starts. The ride lasts for an hour, tours around the city and finally ends at the other end of the city. Usually all the balloon companies ends the trip with a raising a toast of champagne to all the riders and providing a certificate of "Been There Done That". It is one of the must-do activities while being in capadoccia.
Day 4 and Day 5: Tour around Cappadocia. Visit: Monks Valley, Devrent Valley and Goreme Open Air Musuem. Hot air balloon ride.
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Take the early morning flight to Kayseri from Istanbul. Its less than 1.5 hour journey by air. There are plenty of bus & cab services to Cappadocia, opt any one to reach the booked hotel - Elagance Cave suites, Goreme. Specialty of Cappadocia is that most of hotels are built like caves which gives altogether a different feel of stay. Even though hotels have check-in time at 3pm, they are kind enough to keep your luggage with them so that you can start exploring the place without any waste of time.
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Try it at: Cafe Keyif , GöremeSlovakia – Zlaty Bazant
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We were flying over the rippled valleys of Cappadocia which we planned to visit later on the same day. We saw Rose valley, Pigeon valley, Open Air Goreme Museum, etc.; all from a bird’s eye view. A pilot can only guide the balloon vertically, as the horizontal path is clearly directed by the wind around. Dennis was professional and fluent in English and was properly describing about the sights we were flying over. He had years of experience in flying the balloon and we felt absolutely safe while flying with him.