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Jyoti sharma
Next we left for Kaymakli this is an underground city. The entry ticket is for 15 lira. From Goreme take a local bus to Nevsheir for 2.5 lira. This bus operates at every 1/2 hour. From Nevsheir take another bus to Kaymakli for 3 lira. The city in my eyes is weird and haunted. I wonder how people lived there as there was hardly any ventilation. Initially, I didn't follow signs so I was lost once I came out, I realized the whole tour can be made easier by following arrows and I went again, this time following the arrows :p. The red arrow are to go in and the blue ones to come out. And then we left back for Goreme. Goreme has many shops where you can buy magnets, key chain and other souvenirs. In the evening, we took a metro bus from Goreme to Istanbul for 60 lira. We booked a day before and hence paid 60 lira. If it is booked in advance, you can get cheaper rates also. We were told t bus will have wifi but it didn't have and this reminds me that you get wifi mostly everywhere in Turkey. Morning bus reached at 6 instead of 7, we slept at the bus station for 2 hours and then took a red metro to Ataturk airport which is where I have finished writing my blog of this amazing trip while waiting for Qatar airways flight which is late
Lindsay Sartoris
A underground city called Kaymakli was our next stop on the tour. With nearly over a hundred tunnels, and over 4 underground floors: the first floor is the stable area, the second floor is a church, the third and fourth floor contained all the compartment areas for wine, food, kitchens, storage area. The passages in the city were quiet small and at times I would hit my head, standing at 5'9". In a lot of the tunnels we bent down on our hands and knees.
Zeki Iserio
Connected to the other underground city of Derinkuyu by an underground tunnel 8KM long, Kayamakli though also an underground city is different in its structure and design. The village around the underground city is full of tunnels leading into the underground city. The underground city itself has 4 floors which are accessible to tourists. Each of the floor design is around the ventilation shaft and each floor has different central functions, for example the first floor a stable and the second a church. This underground city has steeper and narrower floors, making it just a wee bit eery!