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Kaymakli Underground City

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An Underground City? Who’s up for that? A place where nobody lives? An old “city”? Well yes but on your travel journey through the moon like surfaces of Cappadocia, this is a city you should definitely visit. In fact there are a number of these underground cities in Cappadocia, so you can take your pick. We headed to Kaymakli so here’s a backpacking overview of that one. On arrival in the village of Kaymakli, you’ll see a small market, walk through the market (it’s a tad touristy) and at the end is the entrance to Kaymakli underground city. Entry is a fixed rate of 15 Turkish Lira per person.It’s a load of underground caves and bunkers that were once a crazy undergound city where people lived. The whole place is quite incredible! Be very careful of your head, spend about 45 minutes inside exploring. Read the signs on the walls that tell you what each part of the city once was. Follow the arrows when you’re inside – it’s the recommended route round the city. You can marvel at the fact that people used to live here! Yes years ago this was the life – living in caves! Kaymakli is of course also a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site – which is one for those who like to tick these off.