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We checked out early morning and took the first feribot (7.30 am, please do check the schedule as they change per the season) and took a bus or few to pick up our car. This next drive was going to be a really long one from Edremit to Selçuk to Bodrum (520km).But before I tell you about Bodrum let me tell you about Selçuk, the biggest attraction of this town is Ancient city of Ephesus. It is one of the oldest, grandest and the best preserved ruins.
Suhas G
After breakfast i took a Pamukkale tourism bus to Selcuk which is the gateway to the ruins of Ephesus. Started Pamukkale at 10 AM and reached Selcuk at 2 PM and checked into my hotel Vardar PensionAfter dumping my bags in the room i walked to the Ephesus Archaeological Museum. It houses finds from the nearby Ephesus excavation site. Its best-known exhibit is the statue of Artemis retrieved from the temple of the goddess in Ephesus
Briony Gonsalves
We arrived at Selcuk at about 07:00 am and checked into ANZ Guesthouse. We visited Ephesus and explored the ruins and then visited Mother Mary’s home, which many Catholics consider a pilgrimage. Later in the evening, we browsed through the Saturday Market at Selcuk.
Paula and Gordon