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We checked out early morning and took the first feribot (7.30 am, please do check the schedule as they change per the season) and took a bus or few to pick up our car. This next drive was going to be a really long one from Edremit to Selçuk to Bodrum (520km).But before I tell you about Bodrum let me tell you about Selçuk, the biggest attraction of this town is Ancient city of Ephesus. It is one of the oldest, grandest and the best preserved ruins.
Pranav Risbud
My stay in Selcuk was in a family run hotel- Vardar pension. My hosts were a kind elderly couple, who run the hotel with their daughter. Although they had limited knowledge of English like many others in turkey, they did their best to help me out, and not to mention the great breakfast they made! They also made a special turkish snack called Borek- a fried roll with stuffing. With my tummy full, I was off to see the place I was the most excited to see in Turkey - Ephesus! And it was just 10 minutes away in a dolmus. There are two gates to this ancient Roman city. I entered from the lower gate, and the first place I saw was was the church of Mary. Even though only a part of it remains standing today, it still gave me a hang of the city. The next thing I was heading towards was the Ephesus theatre, which was seen at a distance. And as I started walking towards it, the marble road began, with giant decorative pillars standing on both it's sides . As soon as I set foot on this marble street, I had a feeling that I was really transported to the roman times! Finally reached the theatre, and I was simply blown away by it's sheer magnitude! The huge theatre has been preserved and restored really well too, just like the rest of ephesus. Still in awe of the theatre, next I followed another marble street which led to another famous structure in Ephesus- The Library of Selsus. The library itself is worth all the hype ,and did not disappoint at all. Everything from the interiors ,to the intricate reliefs on the ceiling and the life sized sculptures that grace the exteriors, it was a bloody impressive sight. I kept looking at its sheer beauty for a long time. Another great sight which gave me a sneak peek into the private life of the ancient citizens were the terrace houses- The place where the rich and famous of the city lived.The houses are richly decorated with frescos and mosaic flooring. They require a separate ticket to enter, but they are a must visit. Some other amazing sites in the city are the Hadrian's gate and temple, Nymphaeum of trajan, the commercial and state agoras, The polio fountain, and the Odeon-house of the Senate. All in all, Ephesus exceeded my expectations which were quite high to begin with, and was the highlight of my trip. After an entire day well spent here, I boarded a 3 hour evening train to Denizli, in order to reach my next destination Pamukkale, which is very close to Denizli.
Suhas G
After breakfast i took a Pamukkale tourism bus to Selcuk which is the gateway to the ruins of Ephesus. Started Pamukkale at 10 AM and reached Selcuk at 2 PM and checked into my hotel Vardar PensionAfter dumping my bags in the room i walked to the Ephesus Archaeological Museum. It houses finds from the nearby Ephesus excavation site. Its best-known exhibit is the statue of Artemis retrieved from the temple of the goddess in Ephesus
Briony Gonsalves
We arrived at Selcuk at about 07:00 am and checked into ANZ Guesthouse. We visited Ephesus and explored the ruins and then visited Mother Mary’s home, which many Catholics consider a pilgrimage. Later in the evening, we browsed through the Saturday Market at Selcuk.