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Evening Time
Relax by the Lake, Watch the sunset, Boat Rides
September - May
Families, Couples
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Lake Pichola

If you want to have a perfect view of the more than perfect landscape of Udaipur, then come to Lake Pichola. It gives you a perfect shot of the old Udaipur. The natural surroundings and the serenity of the place only adds to the experience that you will never forget. You can take a simple boat ride to explore the entire lake and the area around or hire a bike and take a round of the villages and places nearby. The lake is a man-made one with restaurants all around for visitors to take a break. The sunset from the lake only makes the scenic beauty more enthralling. The sunset also ensures that the palaces around look beautiful than ever.
Damini Aggarwal
In the middle of lake Pichola is a heritage hotel maintained by Taj Group
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Nisarg Pandya
On the back side of the city palace, the door opens for a beautiful Lake Pichola which is one of the biggest lake of the Udaipur. It was sunset time when we arrived at backside of the palace after finishing visit of City Palace. It's a beautiful sight of the sun setting behind the mountains of Aravali, people enjoying the boat rides in the lake and peaceful water was telling the story why Udaipur is called as the city of the Lakes. One of the island of the Lake Pichola is Lake Palace and is a hotel for a stay but expensive and also having Jagdish Temple near Hanuman Ghat i.e. one of the ghat on the city end, Ambrai Ghat on the opposite end of the Jagdish Temple.
Located on the peaceful banks of Lake Pichola, this heritage hotel is equipped with modern facilities. Each room is styled with traditional architectures and fixtures, Rajputana style furnishing, making it one of the best hotels in Udaipur. At the Lake Pichola Hotel, comfort is the top priority and every customer is treated with care, every need is taken care in true Rajputana hospitality.Ideal for: The traveller who loves comfort and hospitality!What’s so special: The Piplia Haveli was built in the 18th Century as the private ‘city’ residence of the Jagirdars (nobility) of Thikana Piplia. A scion of the Piplia family returned in 1981, after obtaining a degree in hotel management and took an effort to restore the Mardana section of his family home. After which the entire resort was restored to life and opened to travellers from 1985. Each room here is a reflection of the royal heritage and Deluxe and Suites. The 4 elegantly furnished suites overlook the waters of Lake Pichola. They feature a bedroom, two balconies and a day mattress for relaxing. The suites also have a living room where you enjoy tea, coffee and snacks. Accommodates: 2 adults are allowed in each room, with additional charge for a guest.Price: Rs 4095/ night, including breakfast.
Beardo Raveller
From the temple we started for Dudh Talai and then Lake Pichola. Lake Pichola is well known for some of the best hotels in the country which also includes the famed Taj Lake Palace and Jagmandir Island. You can enjoy a boat ride for a closer view of these magnificent structures.
Vishnu Modi
Waking up early to a cold morning with an early sunny light was a fresh feeling. Listening to Sufjan Stevens at the roof hall for hours was a must thing! Short bridges add some vibe and a push to explore more. The place is always peaceful to move around. Graffitis around the walls, various masks of the ancient indian characters hanging around the local doors was definitely a charm. The houses around were coloured bright and warm. And mueslis with curd was some source of energy for the day. Photo walking was my next plan. So here are some snaps to flaunt!
3. Pichola Lake:-With a backdrop of green hills, this lake too is hell of a beauty. You can take a boat tour for a close-up pass through all the island places like Taj Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, The Oberoi hotel , Udai-villas hotel etc. You can also look for various kinds of bird here. Best time to visit:- During sunset. My suggestion:- Boating and camel riding option is ON for Pichola lake as well. You can enjoy the fountain show in Dudh Talai Musical Garden which is nearby Pichola lake.
Kundan Singh
Pichola was the name of a village that was submerged and lent its name to the lake when it was expanded. The islands of Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir is housed in this lake. Along the eastern banks of the lake lies the City Palace. A boat ride in the lake around sunset offers a breathtaking view of the Lake and City Palaces.
Nandini Ramesh
Likewise, a visit to Udaipur is incomplete without a meal in a rooftop restaurant. If you are willing to shell out a few grands, then Ambrai is the one to go to. If not, a lot of restaurants in the vicinity of the Jagdish temple offer good views of the lake and are quite friendly on your pocket. We visited one of the restaurants (Sun and Moon) by night and the other (Millets of Mewar) by noon and were not disappointed by the food with a view!
Kshitij Guglani
Manish Kumar
Attractions in Lake PicholaThere are four islands on the lake, which has the following attractions.a) Jag Niwas island – Lake Palace
Rohith T V
Pichola Lake is one of the first lakes of the city created in 14th century. The prime attraction is the view of city palace from the lake while boating. There are 2 islands called Jag Mandir and Jag Niwas. Lake Palace was built by Maharan Jagat Singh II in the island of Jag Niwas. This palace was taken over by Taj Group of Hotels to make into “Taj Lake Palace” in 1971.
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Praveen Gupta
7. You will be back from Sajangarh around 7 pm. Next thing is the Exotic dinner you must take at the Pichola lakeside. City palace is lightened up every evening (until 10pm), which gives a breathtaking view of lake and reflection of monuments in water. Go to Ambrai Restaurant, it is the best among all. Other might offer you roof top but this restaurant has the best view and it is just adjacent to lake
Praveen Gupta
3. Next thing take a Boat ride at Lake Pichola, second among the two famous lakes in Udaipur (There are seven lakes in Udaipur)
2) Lake Palace: Lies in the middle of Lake Pichola. Very serene and beautiful.
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Revel in romance on a boat-ride on Lake Pichola during sunset. An absolutely unmissable experience of all the things to do in Rajasthan.
Prerna Khaitan
This city as rightly said is the land of lakes and palaces, where kings reside and travelers rejoice. A Venice in India to make you experience what it is to cover distances in boats and explore the city in its purist form. The lake side restaurants are only to make your trips special and evenings memorable. A romantic getaway as it is correctly said is primarily for the ambience of these lake side cafe's and boat rides. This city has a history of kings and battles and some brave a trip to this place is incomplete without a visit to the city palace & haldi ghati. Accommodation in this city is very traditionally designed with ethnic interiors in most of the hotels across all categories- you have palaces and city hotels across all prices. And when it comes to accommodation how can we forget the iconic properties here which are worth a watch even if it's beyond ur affordability- Udai Vilas, Taj palace, Lalit udaipur. So visit this place for the Rajasthani food, palaces and lakes and experience what it is to be in Rajasthan- Rajao ka sthan.
Akshit Aggarwal
The Lake is in the heart of the city and provides some breath-taking views of the nearby heritage places and some hotels built around the shores – Udaivilas and Taj Palace tops the list. One should pleasure themselves with a dinner or lunch at the Jagmahal, surrounded by water on all sides. You can spot the Sajjangarh fort from this lake while boating and believe it me it’s worth a sigh.
Bhargavi Rathi
When you reach the city in the morning, and you are hungry the only food that that make your day rocking will be poha, fafda and tea at this place. A small stall with freshly made poha and fafda is morning breakfast for many locals also
Rashmi Tanwar
Another man made wonder in the city dominated by nature, Lake Pichola was created in 1362 AD. Rana Udai Singh II extended the lake in 16th century. The picturesque lake is surrounded by huge hills, magnificent palaces, temples and bathing ghats. The islands in Lake Pichola offer various tourist attractions and hence by cruising in Lake Pichola, you are sure to have a whale of a time. Sunset views are stunning. Boat cruise offers lovely views of the town, particularly in the evenings as you watch the sun go down on your eyes, you will find the city lit up. The palaces look stunning with the lights on and it is a great view from the lake.
Tushar Chaudhary
This is the better out of the two lakes, so its better to spend all your lake time on this one alone. Also, you get to visit Jagmandir island on the same boat trip.
Himani Sheth
Next stop on my list after City Palace was the Pichola Lake. Pichola Lake is perhaps one of the best of the many lakes Udaipur has to offer. It is a lovely place to just walk about. The Lake palace is right at centre of the lake with beautiful terrace café at its banks. The view is simply splendid and the atmosphere just relaxing. A walk along the Pichola gardens is just what you would need to calm your mind. Also, the street side kiosks are worth exploring. They have a wide range of beautiful handicraft items, pretty ‘jhumkas’ (long earrings) and even fancy items like a mini smoke pipe. After a bit of shopping and debating with the vendor about whether the smoking pipe really functions (a fun debate, I must say), I left for my next destination.
A serene lake where one can engage in boating activities. You can find a multitude of snacking options on the banks of the lake.