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Evening Time
Relax by the Lake, Watch the sunset, Boat Rides
September - May
Families, Couples
1 out of 87 attractions in Udaipur

Lake Pichola

If you want to have a perfect view of the more than perfect landscape of Udaipur, then come to Lake Pichola. It gives you a perfect shot of the old Udaipur. The natural surroundings and the serenity of the place only adds to the experience that you will never forget. You can take a simple boat ride to explore the entire lake and the area around or hire a bike and take a round of the villages and places nearby. The lake is a man-made one with restaurants all around for visitors to take a break. The sunset from the lake only makes the scenic beauty more enthralling. The sunset also ensures that the palaces around look beautiful than ever.
Shivani Rawat
3. पिचोला झील सुबह सुबह हम अपने ज़ॉस्टल वाले लोगों की मदद से एक सनराइज पॉइंट पर पहुंचे जिसने पिचोला झील के नज़ारे को यादगार बना दिया। ऐसा ही यादगार नज़ारा आपको उदय विलास होटल और ताज महल होटल से शाम को सूर्यास्त के समय भी मिल जाएगा। यह दोनों होटल यहाँ के सबसे बढ़िया और महंगे होटल है। काफी भिन भिन प्रकार के पक्षी भी आपको पिचोला के आस पास दिख जाएंगे, बस आपकी नज़र थोड़ी तेज़ होनी चाहिए। बोटिंग और ऊँट की सवारी दोनों का आनन्द ले सकते हैं पिचोला के पास।
Like what you can ever demand that you can stare out side your window nothing but beautiful lake. I also noticed one hotel is in the middle of that lake. And guess what that bid brand luxurious hotel is hotel Taj Lake Palace.
Bhavik Sarkhedi
Lake PicholaOne of the magnificent man-made wonders in Udaipur is Lake Pichola. Surrounded by hills, temples, glorious palaces, and scared ghats, Lake Pichola offers a sense of bliss and peace. It is a true combination of urban cultural cultivation and history of nature. The Lake was constructed in 1362 AD and Rana Udai Singh II enlarged it later smitten by the beauty of the place. The lake has four islands, named Jag Mandir, Mohan Mandir, Jag Niwas, and Arsi Vilas. You will find many luxurious hotels and palaces located on these islands. They surely augment the beauty of the lake at night. Ornate arch bridges have been built on some locations, where the lake narrows, to connect the nearby banks.Taking an evening boat ride is the best way to indulge Lake Pichola’s peaceful experience. The warming sun rays seem to brush this freshwater lake into a light golden nature’s wonder.
Sonal Agarwal
Sakshi Sharma
As everyone say 'Time wasted at the lake is time well spent'.If you want to feel fresh air and beauty of Udaipur,just go to visit Lake pichola which is the best place to sit and talk with your trip group while enjoying a boating ride at the same time.