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Ishaani Sharma
We, being the lazy uni students that we were, decided to do neither. Instead, we decided that we would go hiking for a few hours and then head to Bakewell for lunch. Bakewell is a beautiful market town in the heart of Peak District. It is extremely popular among tourists for two reasons, one, because of its typical small country town feel and two, for its puddings and tarts. Yes, you read that right, PUDDINGS and TARTS *YUM*. Bakewell’s unique pudding is delivered all over the world via mail! While there are various eateries that claim to have the “original recipe” of the pudding, we decided to eat at ‘The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop’ as it had the best reviews online. Interestingly, The Rutland Arms, the hotel which is said to be the birthplace of the pudding is also the place where Jane Austen Stayed while writing Pride and Prejudice. Being a big fan of Jane Austin’s writing, for me it was wonderful knowing that I was at the same place and walking the same streets as she did, when writing one of greatest books ever written. How exciting! Apart from that, Bakewell’s riverside and markets are perfect for leisurely strolls and small purchases. There are also various places to eat and drink in town.