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Hyde Park

You can just imagine that the children in East London trying to out scare each other with the gruesome tales and gossiping women walking through Hyde Park talking about the victims and suggesting their own explanations. The media covered the episodes in the house extensively, so Londoners would have read about the murders and creature in their daily newspaper. It became a part of the city, and while it may be less known today, it still represents an interesting part of London’s history.
After a the short break, we walked further towards the west minister road leading to green park and Hyde park. We had to cross a bridge and on the bridge i saw this guy who was asking people to gamble, here we had to find a ball from 3 boxes, I bet 10 pounds first and than 20 pounds again and lost all my money:(. That's 30 pounds gone down the drain for me. I was quite upset and wifey too was quite upset with me, I fell for something silly like that. Idiot Me!! (Gambling is addictive, never fall for it). Anyways, didn't want to spoil my holiday, so we walked further clicking pictures enjoying the sun on a cold breezy windy day.We reached Hyde Park, wifey was quite hungry and i was thirsty. So picked up some sandwiches and coke and settled in the garden to eat. In the meanwhile, Alim & Suprita - our friend from Mumbai, now settled in London, called us to meet them.
Isabel Leong
Hyde ParkGoodge street– look for hidden cool pubs!
We then walked to Trafalgar square which is supposed to be the center of central London. We finished the day with a walk through the Camden market, a 6 mile stroll through Hyde park and a double decker bus ride back home.
One of the best we have seen is the “Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground” located in a corner of Hyde Park. It even has an outdoor café so that the adults won’t need to miss out on those Café Lattes and croissants.