Llanwrst is a beautiful and quite place in the foothills of the Mount Snowdon with its green meadows and soft fluffy sheep grazing in peace. When we made our bookings for this trip in frosty February, we were expecting the weather to be nice and warm by March but because of the 'Beast from the East' (wind from Siberia), it was rainy by the day and snowing in the night when we were at LLanwrst.Most of the people we met in Llanwrst were old but extremely helpful. There was this old man we met on the street who took the trouble of walking with us till the nearest bus stop because we weren't sure where it was (tough google did lead us to the correct place, we were confused because there was no waiting shed or any other apparent sign of that place being a bus stop) and then we met this old lady who waited with us till the bus we wanted to take arrived and then confirmed the destination with the driver before we boarded.Because we visited during a bank holiday plus weekend, most of the restaurants were closed but there was this Bangladeshi cuisine restaurant, Asha Balti (http://www.asha-balti-house.co.uk/) with very friendly staff who even gave us more food than we asked for!