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It was the last day in the Highlands and the stay at Loch Maree was quite exquisite. There’s nothing more soothing than spending an early morning hour lakeside appreciating the Highlands. The advantage I had was that the lake was barely a two-minute walk from my room, which also had an unrestricted view of the said lake. I were very close to a small town called Torridon which is a mecca for all hillwalkers and lovers of wild places. The first exciting stop for the day was the Torridon Deer Park. After reaching Torridon Countryside Centre, I first bought some deer food and a few charity batches. The Countryside Centre was huge and I spent a good 10 minutes walking towards the protected deer park, a fenced-off area, where you can see deer in their natural habitat. The deer seemed ecstatic to see humans holding food for them and took the food from our hands, making sure to lick everything we had to offer. Some chewing grass, some looking here and there; deer are docile creatures indeed. After spending quality time there, I headed back towards Inverness and made the last stop at Rogie Falls. The Rogie Falls parking area is well-maintained and comes under Forestry Commission Scotland that has free leaflets detailing out the walks that can be taken either passing the beautiful forest or the falls. These walks are very underrated, and it is only after one has meandered between the abundant trees, amid the sound of running water that they feel their perspective being changed; something I had never experienced before. Like I keep saying, there is something about these Highlands, and people who prefer solitude, tranquillity and zen would definitely resonate with this untroubled region which is free of the recurring chaos of life.