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The Foodie Rider
We started our journey from Wembley towards the Durdle Door, which was a 200 KM drive that would have taken us 2:30 hours. We started around 7:30 from Wembley. The coach was a comfortable one, which did not let us feel the time and spent most of it sleeping. We though stopped at services for breakfast near Fleet.
Anamika Bharucha
We then took the local bus and went to Wembley, the Indian area.The local bus is the best way to travel around nearby locations. There's a well maintained mobile application that tells you where exactly a particular bus is and which bus you could use at a particular moment to travel from one location to another. It is very very easy and completely user friendly. You enter Wembley and you can see lines of Indian food stalls, even a stall for Pani Puri. It instantly caught my eye and I went straight up to grab a plate. I was conversing with my mom in Gujarati and turned out the owner understood it, cuz he was a Gujarati too. The happiness of finding someone from your home state in a foreign land is inexplicible.The 2nd day began with some really delicious breakfast prepared by my aunt. In London, there are houses where there a number of rooms and each room has a different family staying. They use a common kitchen though. This way, it isn't hard to find accomodation in London. My father told me about an early morning stroll he went on, around 6am, when I slept peacefully. The coffee shops were open and he began with grabbing a quick coffee and then walked to the nearby park. The park had a few gyming equipment kept and a lake nearby had a bunch of beautiful swarms.