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Bhaironghati is a little settlement at a point near the Jadh Ganga and Bhagirathi Rivers in the mountains of northern India. It is situated in the Uttarkashi region of the Indian state Uttarakhand. Placed between the waterway banks, there is a stone called Jadh Ganga Gorge. This stone is situated underneath a brace extension of National Highway 108 (NH 108). The old ropes and moorings of the 1800s could be seen here until the 1970s. It is another stunning visitor destination in Gangotri which is roughly 10 kms from Gangotri town. It is found entirely near the conjunction of Jat Ganga and Bhagirathi River. This spot is effectively open by street. This is a small destination but the scenic views here are breath taking. In Bhaironghati there are many other things to see and experience only if you have the right information and knowledge. With a large group of energizing things to do in Bhaironghati, voyagers can altogether appreciate the experience of exploring this destination.
Salim Islam
On way to Gangotri, one of the most stunning views is from the bridge over the Jadh Ganga river (aka Jhanvi River). It’s a deep gorge. By deep I mean ‘throw a stone today and it will hit the river tomorrow’ deep. But damn it’s gorgeous! Sheer cliffs of white are in sharp contrast to the turquoise waters of Jadh Ganga that flows out of Nelong Valley. This bridge at Lanka Chatti is wrongly presumed to be the highest bridge in Asia. But this doesn’t take away the beauty or the sheer drop from this bridge. It is definitely stunning.
Sukanya Ghosh
Bhairon ghati is a very quiet, chilly and eerie kind of place dotted with few houses and no electricity, surrounded by towering hilly slopes and was covered in mist.