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Gwaldam is a bit lazy town, on the outskirt of Garhwal and Kumaon. Set in the midst of green woods and apple plantations, it is situated at a height of 1629 m.40 km far from Kausani, Gwaldam is 22 km far from Baijnath. The expressway that go through Bageshwar, branches off to take you through an interesting course in the midst of thick pine woods, against the background of the Himalayas.From Gwaldam, the street winds its way through thick backwoods and terraced fields dabbed with houses of Tharali and Narain Bagar upto the Ranikhet-Pandukhal street. It's the beginning stage for the absolute most energizing trekking courses in the Himalayas and the base for the trek to Roop Kund. As one gazes upward, one sees the snow-topped tops. The valley that extends for miles has the stream Pindari coursing through it. This little village with its far spread fields is one of nature's delights.
Mahrshi Rawal
This photo was clicked en route to Lohagunj. We were on the Gwaldam road and our bus was stopped in its way and our trek leader told us about this peak which is called Trishul peak. The name , as is evident from the photo, is because of the Trishul like top of the mountain. It is the third highest mountain peak in Uttarakhand but undoubtedly the most beautiful and riddled with mysteries. It is a majestic site to see it up close which i will on the day of my summit.
Swati Keshri
After a combination of air, train(Delhi to Haldwani) and road (Kathgodam to Gwaldam) travel we finally reached Gwaldam, the base camp for the trek. The initial three days (including the one when we arrived) were for acclimatization wherein we did a small trek one day and rock climbing the other. It was fun. Our itinerary looked like the following thereafter.
Vamsi Nandola
Hailstrom, Day 1, Bedini Bugyal
Vamsi Nandola
Day 1- Minoo taking a beating
Salman Faris
Day 3"Dude, can you please switch off that alarm?, it's from your phone right?" These were the words, that woke me up for the first time. Next time I woke up, the sleeping bags beneath me were empty again, except my best friend's. The way he slept calmly, without any worries made me proud. I rushed out, grabbing my tooth paste and brush after giving a kick on his butt shouting 'wake up asshole' in the loudest of my voice. The moment I reached there, I had to join the line and I decided to keep my brush and paste in my pocket. Fast forward - Jogging, stretching , Yoga. Yes! Yoga, where the leader proudly announced, 'let's meditate!' It was beautiful. It was a serene morning. The chilling breeze, the chirping birds and then there is me, who hasn't brushed! The meditation was really good and I felt 'fresh' after that. On the way back, it rained cats and dogs.