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Arranged at a height of 1150 meters above the sea level, Mori is situated along the banks of Tons stream in the Jaunsar Bawar Region. Mori is the Gateway to Tons Valley, a remote region. Tons River is the greatest tributary of the Yamuna .Mori Hills give numerous lovely vistas and panoramic perspectives. The hill station itself is a lovely hill station with a wonderful cool atmosphere. Lush slopes, lavish green paddy fields, the Tons River, beautiful waterfalls, charming strolls, yellow mimosas and pine trees, lakes and so on make Mori one of the beautiful hill stations. The tallest pine woods in Asia are among the thickly populated timberland in Mori. One of the most important attractions in Mori, it is arranged on Tons River. Legend says that the Tons River was filled of the tears of the demoness Surpanakha. The Tons River offers a bold rafting campground lying on the course of Tons River and one can spent late evenings at the camping areas which are accessible on both side of the waterway.
Mori, a valley in the district Uttarkashi is located around the meandering river of Tons. Located about 11 hours from Delhi, the valley has a lot to offer; you can swim in the deep pools of the river, relax lazily along its banks, or bike through a boulevard of mimosas and pine-trees. Myth says that the river was formed by the tears of the demoness Supranakha (from Ramayan) and thus, although the waters may look calm, they are actually quite dangerous and unpredictable.
Ramyani Biswas
Now, the reason why this trek is so special in my life is it was my first trek , at that time i had only heard that trekking is such a nice experience and it is full of unexpected twist and turns after every step and most importantly i had done this trek with my best friend , both of us were totally new to this and therefore it was thrilling for us, so every thing was perfect from Allahabad to Dehradun and then from Dehradun to Mori we took bus to Sankri , there in Sankri also GMVN guest houses are available so we stayed there and then next morning we went to Netwar from sankri via jeeps which you can easily share with other trekkers or local passengers , then from Netwar we had breakfast , food is home made there , from netwar our trekking starts... we were so much happy that we walked continously for 3 hours without any rest and the scenery is so beautiful there ,that you to need see it to believe it ! , pure green and yellow grass and the sound of a waterfall the place is so much clean and silent that you will be clearly able to hear the sound of waterfall with crystal clear water .
Jai Pandya
Nancy Nance
A scenic beautiful village which is surrounded with green and yellow paddy fields. Mori is a perfect holiday retreat for solitude-seeking travelers. Since it is located on the banks of renowned Tons river, it's famous for adventurous water sports like water rafting.