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Social assorted qualities of Netwar, loaded with incredible sanctuaries, architectures and mythology, is interesting. The cutie town offers one with uncommon, exceptional and differing opportunities. The general population in Netwar are devotees of Kauravas, considered as the screw-ups in epic Mahabharatha, and Netwar people consider them as divine beings. The general population here have curious propensities like smoke earthen funnels, coconut hookahs or bidis, ladies people are enamored with wearing decorations made out of silver. An old sanctuary of Karna, with a rectangular wooden structure can be found adjacent to Netwar it is very attractive. Netwar is surely understood for audacious water sports exercises. Water rafting on the Tons River & trekking on the uneven landscapes are the boss exercises one can experience for. Netwar is a well-suited spot for occasion outdoors, to restore and unwind the body brain and entire life exercises. This is an exceptionally composed and all around kept up visitor spot in Uttarakhand.
Another serene hamlet Netwar, surrounded by Pine and Deodar trees located at the confluence of Supin and Rupin river. It is entry gate of Govind Pashu Vihar National Park.
Deeptangan Pant
Around 200kms from Dehradun, in Uttarakhand, is the obscure hamlet of Netwar where the River Supin and Rupin meet and give birth to River Tons, a major tributary of Yamuna. On the opposite bank and along the Supin a trail climbs up the imposing mountain threading dense forests and skipping over bubbly streams while flirting with fields painted yellow by mustard and makeshift stone houses enjoying the spring sunshine. The demanding ascent culminates in the village of Kalap – a settlement untouched by venomous tentacles of civilization and frozen in time – in the shadow of Bandarpunch range of Garhwal Himalayas.