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Sankri is a beautiful town arranged at a separation of 162kms from Dehradun in Uttarkashi District. It is situated in the Tons Valley managing great perspectives of the snow-clad Himalayas. Settlement in Sankri is classified in Economy Class and Dormitory. It offers fundamental convenience offices at reasonable price.Sankri is the section point to the picturesque valley of Har-ki-Doon. It is settled at a rise of 1,950mts above ocean level in Uttarkashi area of Uttarakhand state. The base camp for Kedarkantha trek is found only a couple of hundred meters far from Sankri in Sond town. To achieve the base camp YHAI arrange a transport from Mussoorie Youth Hostel. The transport begins at 7:30 AM and the most repetitive piece of the entire system begins with this 8-10 hours of tiring adventure of 180 odd Kms on the day after our reporting at Mussoorie. This place is yet to be discovered by most of the adventure lovers.
We started at about 8 am from Sankri. There were hundreds of people and it seemed like we were walking in the city roads! Our group comprised of about thirty people, most of who were first timers. Since the seven of us had been to more difficult treks before, it was a cakewalk for us, but trekking is all about coordination: so we would wait for the others at every 1 km mark for them to catch up!
Sankri is a small village that acts primarily as a base camp for Kedarkantha, Har Ki Dun, Bali Pass and several other treks. To be honest, it was extremely crowded, and we already had a flavour of the fact that the trek was going to be quite crowded too. Sankri boasts of wonderful views of snow capped mountains, especially the Swargarohini peaks.
Around 5 PM , we reached our base camp Sankri. From here a snow covered trek of alomst 12 kms will take you to the KedarKantha Peak.
Mohit Sharma
DELHI TO SANKRI !I was started my journey from Delhi at 7 p.m. and reached Dehradun in early morning and change another bus for Dehradun to sankri from mussoorie bus stand . I met locals at Purola in Between way to sankri. I was started my journey from dehradoon .I saw different kind of mountain peaks in between of way to sankri. The drive from Dehradun to Sankri is very beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We stopped in between for taking break and finally reached Sankri at around 4 in the evening.From Dehradun, you will get shared jeeps or bus to Purola. From there, Mori is the next hub which is 35 km away and takes about 1.5 hours.From Mori, you get the next shared jeep to Naitwar which is 11 kms in distance.It takes about 30 minutes to reach Naitwar from Mori.From Naitwar, one road goes to Dhaula and Duni and the other ( towards right ) goes to Sankri and Taluka.Sankri is 25 km from Naitwar and takes about an hour.However, the shared vehicles wait to get filled and it takes a lot of time to fill.Delhi to dehradun tickets price 330rs for uttarpradesh roadwaysDehradun to sankri private bus ticket price was 330rs
Ananya Bisht
We got into an overnight bus from Delhi to Dehradun. On reaching Dehradun at 5.30 am, headed straight to Mussorie bus station and took a bus to Purola. The bus ride from Dehradun to Sankri was completely mesmerizing and we had our share of entertainment from the locals who were gossiping and playing local tunes. One has to change the bus at Purola and take another bus to Sankri.On reaching Sankri, we were too excited to go to the guest house directly and instead decided to walk a little around in the local market. There are so many cafes and food joints in Sankri where one can relish yummy Maggi and Momos in the cold evening. On reaching the guest house that was assigned to us by Himalayan High, we were greeted by hot chai and a plate full of pakodas. All of us met our trek organizer and interacted with other trek mates. Day 3 - Sankri(6450 ft) to Juda Ka Talab(9150 ft)