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Sankri is a beautiful town arranged at a separation of 162kms from Dehradun in Uttarkashi District. It is situated in the Tons Valley managing great perspectives of the snow-clad Himalayas. Settlement in Sankri is classified in Economy Class and Dormitory. It offers fundamental convenience offices at reasonable price.Sankri is the section point to the picturesque valley of Har-ki-Doon. It is settled at a rise of 1,950mts above ocean level in Uttarkashi area of Uttarakhand state. The base camp for Kedarkantha trek is found only a couple of hundred meters far from Sankri in Sond town. To achieve the base camp YHAI arrange a transport from Mussoorie Youth Hostel. The transport begins at 7:30 AM and the most repetitive piece of the entire system begins with this 8-10 hours of tiring adventure of 180 odd Kms on the day after our reporting at Mussoorie. This place is yet to be discovered by most of the adventure lovers.
Vikas Vashisht
Reached hotel, a warm welcome was done settled in our Room, met Our Organizers ( Aahvan Adventures ) had a rest & after dinner a Small Orientation was given to the whole team regarding the entire Journey. It was a cold night we were shivering outside & hopefully i can feel the condition at Summit
Divya sheth
Day 5:
naman jain
I am from Delhi and I went to Kedarkantha with 12 of my friends. Huge group, I know. The actual trip starts from Dehradun and the travel agency that we hired was to meet us there on 28th morning. We reached Dehradun by 6 AM and brought out our 13th member of the trip; football. It was our best company every time we got free. We played at the bus terminal for about 2 hours before our traveler arrived, which was going to take us to SANKRI. So it is basically a ride around 9-10 hours including food, susu and like in every group, vomit breaks. So always carry some plastic bags, meds and beloved nimbu paani/lemonade or Mojito. We reached Sankri through narrow road loops just like every other hill station, so I am not gonna waste time on that. We reached Sankri and realized we need blankets or fire or blankets on fire to keep us warm. To be clear about how cold it was, I spilled some water on a tree near our room and five minutes later, when I returned, it was ice. I could have directly told you the temperature, but what is the fun in that. It was however around 0 degree. We just sat in a single room, had a few drinks for some heat inside and slept around 12, so we could wake up by 8 the next day for breakfast.
Malhar Lakdawala
On this final day, we bid goodbye to a wonderful place; a place who not only had its own beauty to flaunt but also a place which brought out the good in us. Before this trek, we never thought we would be able to live in such camping conditions. Who would have thought, we would be trekking at 3am in the night, in -5C temperature at 9000ft in snowy condition.Human capabilities, indeed has no limitsDo ping me in for any queries related to trek, I would be more than excited to answerFew things to note:We found several articles stating this as a beginner’s trek, but in our opinion, this was no way a beginner’s trek. The difficulty level can be stated as Medium difficultly level. Kindly do this trek, if you have a good physical endurance. Maybe people from the north have a good tolerance for Cold and height, Mumbaities lack both. So plan carefullyThis is a weather-sensitive trek, February 2019 was so snowy that no groups went to the summit. Strong winds, snowfall, etc affects this trek drastically, your guide should be able to make sound decisions for youIn the case of AMS, DescendWhile taking First Aid, mark your medicines with relevant disorder it cures. We missed this. So we had the entire bag of medicines, but didn't know which medicine to take :-PWe trekked with a team of Trekveda and TrekTheHimalayas (TTH). Apart from these, Indiahikes also has a good set up. Try to go on a trek only from these, others were more like a pop-up.We paid around Rs. 8500-9000 for Dehradun-Dehradun 6 days itinerary, inclusive of food, stay and travel. Excluding of rented equipmentIf anyone has photos of the ridge up there, please share, I’ll post it in my blog, with due creditsKindly share your summit experiences, I’ll be glad to witness your stories.
Malhar Lakdawala
This is the day when we started our actual trek. We assembled at 8:00 am, had a heavy breakfast, and started our ascend by 9 am. We were a group of 4+1 guide. At Kedarkantha, there is a rule to have 1 guide for 5 people, so you are always in close watch of commanded eyes.