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Wan is the last town on the way Bedni Bugyal. The 11km trek to Wan begins from Lohajang Pass. The trek descends for approximately 7kms and afterward bit by bit climbs for 4kms, completing at Wan town. The trek to Wan experiences peaceful valley where you can see local people taking their animals for grazing. The trail keeps running along the western bank of the Bedni Ganga. The Rest House named GMVN Tourist at Wan offers a 12 bed dormitory.Wan is perched on the way to the puzzling trek to Roopkund. It is settled at a rise of 2,440mts above ocean level in Chamoli region of Uttarakhand state. It is arranged 34kms from Gwaldam. The climate is pleasant with few cloud in the sky, yet there is no shot of rain. The street is in great condition from Lohajung to Wan town and moves along the edge of the hill.The street is practically parallel upto Wan Village and expect a terrible patch of 100 meters (brimming with mud), it is truly a decent way to walk.
Prateek Raizada
Aanjikya Shukla
Pathar Nachauni to Wan via Bedni Bugyal
Ashwini Wade
Reaching Wan ends the trek, but not the memories we cherished on the trek. The fun, the bonding, the childish fights over tents and jackets, borrowing jacket to add colours in the photos. All those memories will be cherished for a long time.
neha ballal
The next morning we had decided to go further up to the peak and cross a cliff to make it down the other side of the mountain on a new camp called Tilbudi. This other side makes the trek way longer and you will end up walking steep uphill for about 2-3 hours and then downhill for 2-3 hours with a kind of flat cliff walk in the middle. For people scared of heights this is not the most ideal scenario but with a helping hand anything is possible.
Rohan Bhasin
The next morning started at 6 am. It was the final day of our adventure & after this it was back to the mundane. The route today was a 12 km mostly downhill trek to Wan village, from where we would take a taxi to Lohargunj & then drive back home.Again, I cant say this enough, Bedni Bugyal is probably one of the best campsites in the world. The 180 degree view & it is all covered with Himalayan peaks. Its a sight to behold.We did everything very slowly, savoring every minute of it. Another hour of negotiation for the mule, we paid 800 today, was followed by a breakfast of aloo puri. It was heaven.At 10:30 am we started the trek down. It was all downhill till Neel Ganga river. We ran down the slopes again. We ditched the usual pathway & just took every short cut that came our way. It was exhilarating racing down the mountains. This continued for an hour or so till we hit Neel Ganga. Here we spent an hour in the water just relaxing & playing around. From Neel Ganga it was almost a straight path to Wan village. Wan is a very blessed village I think. It has abundant water resources & ample farmlands. Its beauty makes you want to settle right there in one of the tiny stone houses, but sadly realty beckons...We managed to reach Wan around 3:30 pm. From there it was taxi ride to Lohargunj which is roughly 15 km away. When we reached Lohargunj we were told there was no accommodation available so we decided to drive to Gwaldam which was around 50 km away.We reached Gwaldam by 7 pm & checked into a decent hotel with a TV since it was India's T20 match today. After checking in we headed straight to a local dhaba that served us delicious mutton curry, chicken curry & really crispy tandoori rotis. All of us overate that night. We got back to our hotel & took our first bath in almost a week. We saw the match & then dozed off.