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Day 7 & 8: KhivaThe entire city of Khiva is UNESCO site. The entire city is surrounded by an old wall. Itchan Kala is the inner town in Khiva, which was earlier known for trading of slaves. Itchan Kala has around 40 monuments and more than 200 houses. You can take shared taxis from Bukhara to Khiva. The journey takes about 7 hours.Things to see:
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Established in the beginning of the Christian era, Khiva is an often overlooked historical site, on what was once the Great Silk Road. It is the former capital of Khwarezmia and the Khanate of Khiva.It encompasses a magical maze of mosques, madarsas, spectacular mosaics, art shops, hotels and cafes along with residential houses, adding daily life to an otherwise open-air museum. It is definitely a traveller's favourite stop in Uzbekistan with Itchan Kala, Ark Kuhna, Kalta Minor and Tash Khauli being some of the many attractions you'll find here.
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Breakfast at the hotel. Hotel check-out. Ride to Bukhara (450 km south-east of Khiva across the Kyzyl-Kum Desert). Lunch En Route (lunchbox).
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Breakfast at the hotel.Sightseeing in Khiva: Visiting the oldest part of town: Kunya-Ark Fortress, including Kurinish Khana (17th century), Mohammed Amin Khan Madrasah (19th century), Islam Khodja Minaret, Palvan-Kari Complex, Abd Al Bobo Complex (18th century).
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Transfer to Khiva. Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. Overnight in Khiva.