Bogmalo Beach 1/15 by Tripoto
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2 out of 17 attractions in Vasco da Gama
Megha Sharma
We woke up at 6 A.M and walked towards the exit of the mess. Then took two buses for Bogmolo Beach. Man! what a view it was when we reached the Beach. We started shouting with excitement as none of us had ever been to beaches except my cousin. The view from far was so mesmerising that words can't express.
A perfect blend of commercial space and natural beauty, this beach has clear azure water which makes it ideal for swimming. To all those looking for some scuba experience, Goa institute of diving is there to give you a lifetime of diving experience.
Chetana Didugu
The Bogmalo beach is one of the beaches in South Goa. it is also one of the quieter and less crowded beaches. A beautiful scenery and the well behaved waves make it a pleasant sunny visit. Only make sure you have enough sunscreen on, because the sun is unforgiving!