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Monkey Beach

A highlight fom our rainy days in Goa was a mini trek to the top of Monkey Island at low tide...again in sheets of rain. I'd recommed this but remember to take your insect repellent as there's some nasty biting flies at the top at sunset and also wear some good footwear as the rocks can get very slippery. Walking back afterwards, just as the sun started to set we noticed the beach appeared to be moving slightly in front of us and under our feet. On closer inspection we realised it was covered in millions of tiny baby crabs scuttling everywhere giving the illusion of the sand moving. During our time in Palolem we were also lucky enough to witness two Ganesh Chaturthi immersion ceremonies. These happened around 11pm and were basically when the locals bought effigies of Genesha the Elephant God down to the beach in trucks covered in bright lights accompanied by loud music and lots of firecrackers. They then performed a ceremony on the beach before walking the effigies into the sea, where they disintegrated and were taken away by the waves.
Our Lunch was planned at Monkey Beach (I don't know what they call it, there were no monkeys around & I am glad about it). Made two new friends Steve & Phil (Phil , has traveled 40 countries so far & he is just 28). They are true drifters, this also helped me to understand the differences in our approach towards life. Key Points- Water Sports at Candolim Beach- Boozing in shacks- A day trip to Grand Island & Monkey Beach (Mormugao) ( Swimming & Snorkeling )I am sure there would be some more descent places to explore, which were left out because of the tight schedule. I must admit this was first time, I was near to any beach & had a gala time. The downside was, I was tanned like anything & it also made me realize that I need to shed some weight . :)