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Vang Vieng

Neha Ballal
Vang ViengNow 6 hours south of Luang Prabang is another adventure and party hub called Vang Vieng. This felt more at home than Luang for us as maybe this isn't that westernized. There are many cafes, restaurants, and pubs here but it still has a more homely feel. Vang Vieng is the place for hot air balloon rides, kayaking, tubing, caving, blue lagoons, and rock climbing! All the adventure you can do during the day and relax to free whiskeys in the night. Though I have been told all the free booze tastes like water with whiskey flavoring!This place is famous for blue lagoons, a waterbody developed for tourists to jump, swim and relax in. They have cliffs to jump into the water, ropes to be a Tarzan before splashing in or just tubes and life jackets to relax and float about. 
Muthu Venkatesh
I also visited one of the limestone cave just outside the town. To be frank I didn’t find the night life of the town as luring as that of Luang Prabang. There were few dance bars in the town but decided to give it a pass as I was not in party mood and bit exhausted as well due to tubing activity.
Muthu Venkatesh
The third day morning in Laos, I left Luang Prabang and was on my way to Vang Vieng the party town and supposed to be the most happening place in Laos. Though it seemed to be little hyped up, the small riverside town surrounded by limestone peaks had seen its crazy days of partying culture much of which was curtailed now. Tubing is the must do activity there. You need to rent a tyre tube from one of the rental shops in town while they’ll arrange to transport you few miles upstream of the river from where you start tubing downstream the river till the town. The exciting part of it is that there are several bars on the way where you can stop by and party.
Vang Vieng is one of Southeast Asia’s best adventure destinations offering a variety of adventure activities like mountain biking, river tubing, kayaking and hot air ballooning. The place is a paradise for backpackers and the party capital of Laos. The best part of Vang Vieng is its amazing natural beauty. The small town is located in the middle of stunning limestone mountains, giving it some of the best views in Laos and the ideal setting for adventure sports.
Hot Toddies Unlimited
We headed towards Vang Vieng, a well-known party place with tubing, kayaking and caving. Draw dropping peaks of limestone formations are the norm, this place is definitely a jewel. What a great place to spend your time and enjoy the new toy. We found an amazing room, with a kick ass 3D view of the Nam Song River overlooking karst formations. We rented 2 semi-automatic motorbikes and explored the Vang Vieng’s landscape. We visited caves, waterfalls and the blue lagoon. The rain was on and off making the ride wet, muddy and interesting.