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September - February
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Kailasagiri Park

I finally decided to slope down to Park this was the First time I have climbed up the Hill, that View from Hill Top is Memorable.Next would be Rushikonda Beach...Photo : Kailasagiri Hill
Destination : Kailasagiri HillPeople call me Freak sometimes because i am freak about Fitness and Workout. Hill is a perfect option for a freak if want some workout.Kailasagiri Hill is just 400 meter from my PG.I started morning at 0600Hrs, as per plan i have decided to climb-up the hill using stares rather using RopeWay for 100Rs 2-Way.Stares were steep so it was quite hard to climb around 400 steps at once, in the way up to hill, there are few checkpoints where you can have rest and then start again. It took me 15min to climb up the hill. I reached to a developed road that leads to the park at top of the hill. I continued at the road and found a divergent, one is elevated up and other was muddy 'road less travelled' .I decided to take 'Road Less Travelled', i reached the place where there is a board of KAILASGIRI in block banner, i continued and the view of Whole City including the Sea Shoe was clear to me.View is awesome. Just unexpected again, i was pleased and happy. But after Few Steps forward to the path, a group of eagles welcomed me and they just sank my happiness. They started wondering around my head and i backed off from there only and decided to move to "Road everyone Travelled".About 100 meters of Elevated road lead me to the Entrance of Beautiful Garden, Entrance made of Wood.In Early Morning Time, Literally I haven't saw anyone except group of Dogs.I finally entered in the park, and a Pink Train was halted at the station, which charge 150Rs. and takes you to a journey of heaven (complete round view across the hill). I would Recommend you to take ride at Night time.After that, i took a Status of Lord Shiva and Parvati, a great art. Just in front of these status, i finally found a place to rest this is a bench from where whole you will see great hills and sea view of Sagar Nagar Beach. I spend 40 Min at that same place with pleasant air. After that i spend some time in the VIP park that is well clean and maintained, i love this place, Awesome Place and small small Bushes for Couples for their Private Sessions.
4. Kailasagiri : After having a great beach time,I know many of you feel hungry, so you can head to Sai priya beach resort for lunch. You will get details when you will scroll down more. So coming to Kailasagari, this place is full of activities. Starting from the exciting rope way ride to toy train to getting a spectacular view of Vizag city to just a walk around ,this place has got it all.
Ravindra Vasireddy
I loved the view and i started heading Rishikonda beach. I set my maps and it showed me another 10 kms. I started driving and in the middle i saw a way where i can take my bike nearer to the sea shore( not too nearer but where i can step into waves and can watch my bike). I went there parked my bike and unmounted my luggage(i really wanna step into water). I didnt saw much crowd over there and its hardly 6 members. I think its perfect and i kept my luggage on shore and ran towards water. I spent a decent time of 1.30 hrs over there playing with water and i had a company of two kids where there parents are busy chit chatting. We played and had fun.
Sanjiv Shivan
Next on the list was the Kailasagiri hill, it's a hilltop destination just 15mins ride from RK Beach. You are treated with breathtaking sceneries of the Western ghats, the City view and the endless ocean from here. The toy train ride was a bit boring though but compensated by the beauty the hill has. There's Shiv- Parvati statue which glitters in the evening darkness.The day ended after a refreshing stroll down the Rishikonda Beach. Night filled with Rainy mist cannot be matched with any other.