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Destination : Rushikonda BeachBest time to move out at Beach i.e 8 Km from the PG, has turned out to be at morning 5:30. I left PG at 5:30, started by Walk, in between this 8Km walk, i have found some great locations where i can go and have nice evening. Tenneti Park has nice 3 consecutive parks and where people were busy in exercise and yoga, moving ahead for 2 km, there was a small fish market. Special thing of this fish market was, shopkeeper was a fisherman and he was catching fish and selling at same point of time hence RealTime fresh fish.Moving for Another 2 Km, ISKON temple was in middle of its construction, it is humongous. I found a Resort at hill top, and also Andhra Tourism was approaching for Hotel chain at Hill.After another 4 Km i finally reached Rushikonda Beach, this Beach is clean and people were enjoying at sea shore. Unlike R.K beach this one is clean and less crowded, people come here just to take nice Sun Bath and to play in the Sea. Waves were high and it was fun to be in side the waters. I have spend continuous 2 hr in the sea and there i found why i like to travel and see new places. I gives me a Kick.After spending 2 hr splendid time, i was out of water have had a clear look for this place. It has facility of Motor Paragliding, there were many Maggie Points, small shops for Hats and Sun Glasses.I took a local transport to Appugarh, MVP Colony, it charged me 30Rs for the Service and I finally was at PG.Some Points Needs to be Remembered before Jumping to Waters1. Water is too Salty, so never think of drinking it.2. Carry Cloths to Change at the Beach, people will not give u ride if u r wet.3. Don't go too deep in the Sea, it will drag u Inn.
Fasi Ziaee
The ride back to the city was one of the best thing since we had reached Visakhapatnam. We reached the city and decided to hit it off to the beach, it was sunny in the city. We had a couple of hours before leaving back to Hyderabad. Storm warning and high tides made it difficult for us to approach most of the beaches, only a stretch of beach was open with heavy life guards deployments. We had a good time at the beach, ate snacks and left for the station.
Sonal Agarwal
Festival Dock - R.K beach - Rushikonda
Adete Dahiya