September - February
12 out of 53 attractions in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam Zoo

In a jiffy (not literally, it took about one and half hours), I was in Visakhapatnam. My plan was to make the optimum use of my time in Visakhapatnam and see all the beautiful places I could. So, I mapped things out quickly - Airport => Kailasagiri => Submarine => Ramakrishna beach => Alpha hotel => railway station. Not willing to waste even a single minute, I quickly booked an Ola rental for 6 hours and headed for Kailasagiri. While I wanted to enjoy every moment, I never forgot that I was alone. I had taken the necessary precautions - location shared with my family, map on my phone. As the driver suggested, I went to Kailasagiri via Ramakrishna beach, covering both the places in one ride.