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December - May
Couples, Families
2 out of 7 attractions in Hahei

Cathedral Cove

Santosh Suresh Jain
Aditya Saini
The Next day, our plan was to visit 2 beautiful beaches - CATHEDRAL COVE & HOT WATER BEACH. they were located in Coromandal City, around 200 kms from Auckland. The Drive was lovely through THAMES Town and alongside THAMES RIVER. we visited coromandal town in between. We reached the parking of Cathedral Cove around 3 PM, not knowing how much we have to walk to reach the beach, We were left surprised at the start of the walk looking at the map saying it was a 45 Min walk to the Beach. After the Tiresome Walk, we reached the Beach. It was a picturesque beach (a must visit anyhow) and so we got clicked and enjoyed the view there. the water was too cold too take a dip in it. After spending an hour at the beach, we made our walk back to the Parking and started our drive to the Hot Water Beach, which can be visited only 2 hrs either side of Low Tide @ 5PM, thus giving an entire window of 4 hours. We reached the beach around 5.30 PM and took a shovel on rent. The Beach was Magical. You can dig up a hole in the sand and Hot BOILING Water would come out of it naturally, making it a HOT Water SPA pool. We spent around 2 hours in our self made pool before water started to get too hot for us to handle. The drive back was again 4 hrs long, making us reach our Auckland Hotel around 11.30 PM in the night. The entire day was Awesome.
Vaibhav Annam
While it looks amazing, Cathedral Cove tends to be crowded with people (yes I am from India and shouldn’t be complaining but whatever). We walked back to Stingray Bay and went snorkelling for close to an hour. Was lucky to spot a couple of Stingrays in the ocean.