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Waitomo Glowworm Caves

vidhi bubna
What a sight it is to see a sky full of stars amidst the polluted cities which we live in. I crave to see stars in the night sky but I always fail. I look up to the sky almost every day expecting there to be some sudden change, some ray of shiny stars. There is a feeling of wonder and awe when you look up to the sky and see glitter in there. I felt this awe when I went to Waitomo and saw the glowworm caves there. Waitomo is a small town in the northern island of New Zealand. In Maori, the term Waitomo can literally be divided into two words- “wai” which means water and “tomo” which means hole. Waitomo consists of several caves after which it is named. These caves are the habitat of various glow-worms and I explored these through the streams which go through them.
Tania Banerjee
This wonder is in Waitomo in the North Island of Newzealand and was explored by two brave hearts for the first time in 1887. The stone formations within the cave were created when the region was still under the ocean millions of years ago. The magical part is its population of glow-worms which amazes the explorers by their twinkling glow in the complete darkness of the cave.