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Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake, also noted as Gurudogmar Lake, the lake is named after Guru Padmasambhava, otherwise called Guru Rinpoche, originator of Tibetan Buddhism who went to the lake in the eighth century. It is one of the most noteworthy lakes on the planet, situated at a height of 17,800 ft in the Indian state of Sikkim. The lake can be reached by street from Lachen via Thangu. As indicated by a legend, when Padmasambhava went to the lake he saw a favorable phenomenon in the lake and after that he thought of it as a decent augury to enter the territory of Sikkim, then known as Demojong. It is currently said that the lake provides a shelter to any pregnant lady offering prayers to God at the lake. The lake looks small at the spot where devotees offer love, yet the bigger piece of the lake is not visible because of uneven geography impeding the complete perspective at this area.
Gurudongmar lake in Sikkim is one of the highest lake in the world situated at 5430 m above sea level. It is located very close to Indo tibetean border.The splendid and scenic beauty of the place is breathtaking and attracts tourists from all across the world. Gurudongmar Lake also has great religious significance attached to it, and the beautiful view of Mount Siniolchu and Kanchenjunga from the lake is a sight to behold and cherish.The water of Gurudongmar Lake is believed to have healing powers, and many tourists carry the water with them on their way back.This is definitely in my bucket list!
On our Royal Enfield Classic 500, we had traveled the entire North of Sikkim including the most difficult terrain to Gurudongmar Lake. One of the most highest situated lakes in the world ->Gurudongmar Lake at 17800 Ft above sea level.
Gurudongmar Lake Gurudongmar Lake is on the route that takes you through Lachung and Lachen. This pass is even higher up at an altitude of 17800 ft. It has one of the highest lakes in the world. This lake is holy to the Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus. Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche or Guru Dongmar, founder of Tibetan Buddhism is said to have visited the lake during 8th century. Guru Padmasambhava is also considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Shri Guru Nanak is considered to have visited this lake on his way back from Tibet in the 15th century. Both the folklores suggest that their respective Guru blessed the lake and made a part of it to never freeze to allow for it be a source of drinking water for the local people throughout the year. There is a Sarva Dharma Sthal near the lake which signifies the importance of the lake to various religions. A over night stay at Lachen is recommended to break the long journey as well as acclimatize.
We reached the lake by 8 am. The driver warned us not to get out of the cab instantly, sit for a while, then go out. But the beauty was so attractive we couldn’t wait, stepped out of the cab and started moving. It was the first high altitude travel for my sister. As soon as she got out of the cab and about to move, she just collapsed. A couple of minutes after, she regained her consciousness although she had been normal within half an hour. So, it is suggested, if you are traveling to high altitude for the first time, take a few minutes for acclimatization. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.A lifetime experienceThe pristine lake Gurudongmer was just in front of us with its full glory. The oval-shaped lake surrounded by lofty snow-covered mountains, dazzling with sunshine, was awe-inspiring. The crystal clear sky-blue water with a thin layer of snow at the surface, flattering of prayer flags, white peaks, bone-chilling cold, and of course! thin crisp mountain air, beauty of the place was a sight to behold and feeling was inexplicable.You have to climb down a flight of steep steps, covered with multi-colored prayer flags to touch the water. The water of this lake is considered holy and it is said that it has some healing power, so we took some icy cold water to bring back home. The reflection of snowy peaks in calm water of the lake leaves you spellbound. Several small stones stacked in a column one after the other was scattered by the lake. It is said that practice of stacking stone is a way to worship or make a wish.There was a beautiful Gurudwara near the lake. You can peep into, if you want.
Abhishek Sharma
Gurudongmar Lake situated at 17.5k feet, making it India's highest lake. This lake is sacred to the Buddhists, Hindus and the Sikhs. It is believed that Guru Nanak, the spiritual leader of Sikhism, blessed this lake upon his visit to North Sikkim in the 15th century.The last checkpoint of the drive lies a few km ahead of Thangu village where vehicles leading to the lake are supposed to submit a copy of their permit. For those who feel short of breath, the army provide assistance for first aid and oxygen masks here. There are toilets and a small shack that provides water. While the entire journey has tough and strenuous terrain there is a surreal transformation in the landscape and topography during the last 15 km stretch.The panoramic awe inspiring views and the pristine beauty of the landscapes will make you feel lost and liberated. Once you approach the lake the rejuvenating vibes will make you feel a sense of solitude. The sheer tranquillity and breath-taking vista of this place will make u forget all the hardships you have faced on your journey. However, due to low temperature and nerve chilling constant breeze you also need to be mindful and cautious. The few moments we spent at Gurudongmar lake will be etched to our hearts and mind forever.