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Gili Meno Beach

Suhani Sharma
The boat rides from Gili Meno may not be rare, but they sure are expensive. The two times you get public ferries to Gili Meno are in the morning at 9 and evening at 4. However, a more swift option is in the many private boats that can take you to Gili Meno in about 200,000 Indonesian Rupiah, if you are lucky. The key is to bargain, or talk to fellow travelers who could share the expenses with you.The Seri resort at Gili Meno is one of island's prime properties with breathtakingly beautiful views and calm blue waters. The resort staff greeted us with a welcome drink and helped us with further information about the island. Thanks to my travel companion Ben, I had the experience of a lifetime in snorkeling, despite not knowing how to swim. Of course, you don't need to know how to swim but a little lesson in doggy paddle can help you explore the underwater amazement with great ease.As the evening came to a close, the seclusion on the island grew deeper with street lights only available next to private properties and local bars/restaurants. However, it was then in the solitude of the seclusion hindered by the constant noise of the waves, that I realized the true meaning of going-further-back-in-time. As planned, I went to bed early (which is 1:00 a.m. island time) to make sure I don't miss the mesmerizing sunrise. And it was, undoubtedly the most beautiful experiences of my life. Sitting in front of orange, pink and golden sky and grey water that quickly turned to blue as the sun rose in its full glory, was an indescribable moment (Recommendation : keep Britt Nicole's track - The sun is rising on your iPod, if you wish to add more soul to the scenic wonders)