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Gili Trawangan Island

Chasing Sunsets
Gili Trawangan is the party island and the biggest of the three islands. These islands do not have any motorized vehicles and hence the only way to move around is by renting bicycles or in a horse carriage. The place in and around the harbor region is the most developed with a lot of yoga, massage centers, cafes and backpacker rooms. It may not be an appealing place in day time but by night, the entire place is lit up with yellow lights, candles, live music and good food and drinks. We spent almost 4 days at Gili T and enjoyed every minute of it. Diving, snorkeling, watching the sunset, swimming in the ocean, dining by the beach and so on. This may be a usual beach side vacation for some people but I have not seen such calmness in any of the beaches I have visited before. Indonesia has around 18,000 islands and if just these three islands promised me 4 whole days of peace, I am indeed curious to know what the other islands have to showcase.