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1. Lombok
Neha Bhise Sadalge
LombokLocated very close to Bali, this is a comparatively smaller and less populated tourist destination. Main sights here include the famous trekking destination of Mount Rinjani or the beaches of Kuta (different from the one in Bali, this is a small surfer town). The biggest attractions here are the 3 Gili islands namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Allowing you to explore the local culture through horse drawn carriages or bicycles since no other vehicles are allowed in here, you can indulge in a lot of activities from backpacking to bar hopping on these islands.FloresHugely popular for its backpacking trail, the main reason everyone visits Flores is for the Komodo National Park. You can scuba dive to get the most amazing underwater experience or have a look at the giant Komodo dragon lizard. If you are petrified of lizards like me, then the idea of facing them might seem like your worst nightmare come true. It is however known to be something not to be missed out on.
White sandy beaches, blue-green water and perfect sunsets- that's how I had imagined Bali! I was disappointed to say the least but I found all of these, not in Bali but in an island a little away from Bali- Lombok. Hence, this article will sing praises of this unearthly beautiful island and why you must visit it right away. All pictures in this blog are real pictures.Don't get me wrong. Bali is quite unique in its own way. Bali's temples, cliffs, nightlife and a range of activities attracts tourists from around the world and I must admit right away that all of these are quite wonderful. In fact, if you wish to go temple hopping or enjoy crazy parties or chill at a beach café during sunset or take part in water sports, then Bali has it all. What it mostly lacks is untouched nature, breath-taking beaches, gorgeous waterfalls and a sense of tranquillity that calms the soul. What Bali lacks, Lombok makes up for and in short, that's precisely the charm of Lombok.First things first-How do you get to Lombok?Lombok has its own airport and if you are flying from Singapore, you can choose to book a flight to Lombok or take a flight from Bali to Lombok.Various airlines like Lion Air, Wings Air etc operate on this route (Bali to Lombok) and you can find return tickets for as cheap as 60-65 SGD. It takes only about 30-40 minutes.