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Cango Ostrich Farm

Anukriti Badgotri
Next stop was the Ostrich Farm. Visit an ostrich farm and be amused by all the fun activities and facts about ostriches. It is truly a unique experience in itself.
Devansh Dhar
The car rental arranged for a replacement car which happened to be a white colour BMW 318i. Extremely professional on their part to have it delivered right at the doorstep of our accommodation. We then decided to explore the city a bit and hit the coastal road to catch some action packed surfing. It was now time to see some ostriches in Outdshoorn which is famous for it's ostrich farms. Our choice was Cango Ostrich farm wherein we had loads of fun feeding, hugging and receiving neck massages from ostriches.
We also saw their large eggs and checked their strength by standing over them. Apart from that we came know the elements inside Ostrich's stomach ranges from pebbles to plastics. We also fed the ostriches which locally was told as neck massage by the bird itself. The Ostrich seemed harmless but we came to know about its dangerous running and tactics.