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Aseem Parikh
Clicking a picture with the royal guard at the Windsor castle who was oh so co operating to give that wide smile. Sitting in Nero's at Oxford Street the whole afternoon while sipping on coffee and reading a book and ending up chitchatting with Nancy for hours, who was sitting just beside and we got talking cuz she got curious enough to ask me whether Im a Jeffrey Archer fan or not. Eating at Nandos.
Priyanka Nayak
Explore beautiful St George's Chapel and the State Apartments. You could be luck enough to witness the changing of guard too.
An English Castle.. still used by the Royal Family . Did you know Windsor Castle is the oldest and biggest occupied castle in the world?The castle looked fabulous against the blue skies.The gardens /landscaping is beautiful which made the walk to the castle so pleasant. There is change of guards at 11 am on few days a week … its a pretty long ceremony, exciting & new in the beginning.. but we got bored after 10 mins of watching guards march & clicking pictures.
Tsai Wharton
When I stepped out of my Frances Lodge, the first place I visited was the Windsor Castle. It is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. It is the royal residence of Windsor. The beautiful architecture and the protective walls dominate the landscape of this delightful city. If you want to visit the castle with the added bonus of not having to pay, then go to the 6 p.m. Prayer service, held every evening in St Georges Chapel. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the Great Windsor Park with the Long Walk.