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Prambanan Temples

2. Sunset - Prambanan TempleWhen you buy your tickets for the Borobudur temple, it's a good idea to get a combo ticket that includes Prambanan as well. It works out to IDR 580000 ($40) for both (as opposed to IDR 725000 ($50) if you buy them separately), but the only catch is that it is valid for a single day. So it's probably wise to go to Borobudur in the morning and Prambanan in the evening, something which makes sense if you have a vehicle of your own.5 of us from the hostel booked a car for 8 hours, so we chose to see the sunrise, and then head to Prambanan around midday.Both temples attract crowds throughout the day, so there's no escaping it. Getting anywhere early is ALWAYS a smart thing to do, though, even if it is just to block your spot.Also, tickets to both temples can be bought on the spot, so you can save yourself the internet handling charges and agent fees.ALSO, be prepared to speak to some of the cutest locals! A lot of schools bring their students to the temples on visits, and encourage them to speak to travellers in a bid to practice their English. It's really so adorable!3. Ramayana Dance at PrambananThe epic mythological text - the Ramayana - is portrayed through a traditional Javanese dance performance at the Prambanan temple in the evening. The tale originates in India, and this performance is a beautiful amalgamation of the same with a style rich in Javanese heritage. It is said to be a spectacular show, and a very popular choice among people visiting. You can book your tickets , and you might want to do so in advance.4. MalioboroMalioboro is the main street in Jogja. It is lined with shopping centres, street food stalls, and vendors selling trinkets and souvenirs. It's paradise if you want to pick up some local Javanese batik, sample the authentic Javanese street food (which is COMPLETELY different from Balinese), and immerse yourself with the locals.
Dianne Goh
After being stunned speechless by Mount Merapi, we headed for Prambanan Temple, a Hindu temple in Yogja. Our driver told us we didn't need to hire a guide - he said just know that there are three temples inside dedicated to three Hindu gods - Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. And then Google everything else. Haha.. he said different guides tell different stories so just read up everything online.
Shine P