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Mount Pinatubo

Gina And Daniel
We did a 1 day trek to Mount Pinatubo, dipped in the crater lake and ended the session with a relaxing mud spa! A 4×4 jeep dropped off us off at the start of our trekking point where we had to trek approximately another 1.5hours to the crater lake. (there is a shorter option actually, where they will drop you further in and you’ll only have to walk 30mins to the lake).
Juliet Corpuz
Pinatubo's main attraction there is the Crater Lake, a very young waterbody formed only after the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo. This ultramarine lake, with its clear, cool water is the perfect stop where, you can have lunch and relax. There are also options to go boating in the lake, though you can no longer swim in it. You have a few hours, depending on what time you take to reach, to take pictures of the amazing vistas of the lake and get refreshed before heading back to Capas and concluding the day long excursion.