Things to do in Pokhara, Nepal

13th Aug 2019
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Pokhara is a paradise for thrilling adventure activities, and a perfect combination of panoramic landscape, lakeside, nightlife, food picks and shopping. After spending a good 2-3 days in Kathmandu, we flew to Pokhara via domestic flight.

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Pokhara is a haven of calm compared to the crowded and polluted Kathmandu city. If you looking for some calm moments while you vacationing- Pokhara is the right pick.

If you start your Nepal trip with Kathmandu you can enter Pokhara through roadway or airway. The roadway will take up to 7-8 hours of your time but airway would fly you to Pokhara within half an hour. While planning for Nepal, I did come across many blogs recommending airway which is budget-friendly and fast. It costed us around 3k one way to Pokhara via domestic flight. There are many options like Yeti Airlines, Buddha Airlines etc you can directly logon to the website and book your tickets.

Flight to and fro Pokhara:

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Quick Tip: If you planning in Monsoon you will see flights delays and cancellations happening every day, also Nepal’s climate can change every 5 minutes a storm would lead to a delay or cancellation of your booked flight. You can book your tickets 20-25 days prior which will be cost-effective.

Accommodation is easily available across the city centre where you could enjoy your hot coffee/tea with a clear view of snow-capped mountains or the lakeside from your window. We had booked a hostel in Pokhara for our 3 days stay but we ended up changing it to a hotel room with AC as it was very hot and humid during summer, make sure if you visit Pokhara in summers always book a room with AC or else you are sure going to fry yourself up in the heat.

Pokhara is a land of thrilling adventure, there are endless things you can do when you visit Pokhara, in fact, a week stay also wouldn’t satisfy your exploring hunger. This blog is an ultimate guide to things you can do while in Pokhara, Nepal.

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Trekking/Hiking in Pokhara:

Pokhara is a paradise for trekkers if you are an adventure enthusiast then you have come to the right place. Right from Annapurna trek to Poon Hill trek, there are endless option to pick from easy to a difficult level of treks. Pick the right season depending on the type of trek you wish to go for. Pokhara offers the best terrains with beautiful flora and fauna which adds to the beauty of the trek.

Few popular treks nearby Pokhara would be Ulleri, Ghorepani, Poon Hills, Tadapani, Chomrung are some of the choices to choose. If you visiting Pokhara between October to November and March to June than they are the best months for trekking. During monsoons and winter season trek path gets risky but still, there are more options you can choose for monsoon season.

You will need to be physically fit to complete the trek with high endurance and strength level. As the oxygen level reduces as to ascend the mountain level.

Stunning Phewa Lake:

I would recommend finding accommodation nearby Phewa lakeside as it is calm and peaceful around. Take a stroll down the lakeside and admire the panoramic view of scenic mountains from Phewa lake. Phewa lake is a freshwater lake lying in the valley region of Pokhara. It is quite a famous tourist and local spot and is also the second-largest lake in the country. A morning walk with a beautiful view of sunrise or an evening stroll by the lakeside for a sundowner should be in your to-do when in Pokhara.

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If you like water sports like kayaking, Stand Up Paddle-Boarding or pedalling local boat or fishing you are in the right spot.

I would recommend not to pre-book or hire a travel agent to book any activity, as you will have a better bargain rate/offer directly from the organisers. To give you a tentative amount Kayaking for an hour time was around 1000 Nepalese rupee, which is 600 INR.

You can also explore different sides of the lake though each corner of Pokhara and amaze on the reflection of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre in the water. Sunsets are the best view to soak in before you leave Pokhara.


A place you shouldn’t miss at any chance while you in Pokhara is Sarangkot. Like Nagarkot of Kathmandu is what Sarangkot is for Pokhara. The scenic beauty of the surrounding mountains, Seti river, valley, Himalayan range etc is what makes this place a definite pick for tourists.

The view from the point is mesmerising, the golden hues along with the picturesque mountain ranges of Himalayas when the sunset is worth a shot.

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Sarangkot is also a place where all the thrilling adventure activities like zipline, bungee jumping, paragliding and more happens. The organisers would arrange a pick-up and drop with the package you book. So if you planning to add some thrill with an adventure you can cover both at the same time. Generally, it takes up to 40 minutes to reach the Sarangkot viewpoint you can either choose to get up early (04:00 am) in the morning to see the sunrise or sunset at around 5:00 pm.

Adventure Activities in Pokhara:

From serene lakeside to yoga centres, Pokhara is a complete platter for every individual. Apart from hiking and trekking, you can also opt for other thrilling activities like; Bungee jumping, Paragliding, Zipline, Rafting, Mountain Biking, Ultralight Flight, a Helicopter ride to Basecamp, Skydiving, Canyoning, Hand Gliding, Paramotor etc.

Having numerous peaks, bungee jumping, zipline, paragliding are few popular activities among tourists. We came across HighGround Adventure Nepal, they have a couple of activities like Zipline, Bungee, Paragliding, Hotair balloon ride and more. You can directly approach them or book from their website to avail additional 10% off. I would recommend booking a combo package which will be cost-effective and time-saving.

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You can plan to jump off a 70 mt bungee tower and experience adrenaline-pumping jump off a gorge in Pokhara valley. The cost for per person is INR 4,000 and with a combo, it would vary from 7,000 – 8000 INR.

We opted for a Zip flyer which was located above 1500 ft in Sarangkot village and is the tallest, longest and the steepest zipline in the world. We could witness the panoramic view of exalted Annapurna range as the zip flyer soar at over 85 miles an hour. The cost for the activity was 4500 INR per person which included to and fro transport, certificate, free goodies and video/photos at an additional cost.

If you have more time in hand you can also look for paragliding which is a popular sport among the tourists. The cost would vary from 6000-7000 INR per person, which would include transport and other taxes. A 30 minutes paragliding flight from Sarangkot with a magnificent aerial view of Phewa lake and Himalayan range is truly an experience to encounter.

There many other activities which you can pick and their tentative costing would be:


White water rafting in Seti River is another to-do-thing to do when in Pokhara. Get engrossed in the beautiful valley surrounding the river and add the thrilling adventure with the bumpy ride.

Price starts from INR 3180.

Mountain Biking:

Apart from hiking trails, Pokhara also has mountain bike trails to explore the beauty that will truly excite you. This activity does involve a lot of risks, so make sure you are a true bike adventurer to do so.

Price starts from INR 6000.

Ultralight Flight:

If you planning to surprise yourself with ultralight aircraft gliding height in the sky over the Pokhara valley it is a unique adventure to gift yourself. The entire flight you can witness the mountain ranges like Annapurna, Machhapuchchhre, Manaslu, and Dhaulagiri etc.

Price starts from INR 7500

Helicopter ride to Basecamp:

A Helicopter ride to the basecamp is always an option if you don’t have time to trek. Glorifying on the Himalayan ranges at such a height can be an amazing experience. Though the rides can be heavy on your pockets as they start from 14,000 INR but it is truly an adventure.


Ghalel Village which is located at an hour distance from Pokhara, is the right pick to plunge a canyon through a stream of water. Starting price for this activity would range from INR 6,200 per person.

Hand Gliding:

Ever dream of flying a plane yourself? Become a pilot by riding a Hand Glider. Weather plays an important role in this activity make sure to book your ride at the right time with the good weather condition.

Price starts at INR 10,000.


A different version of paragliding rather than flying down the mountain you fly through the runway by the motor. Gaze the beautiful surroundings of Pokhara valley and make sure to get trained by a professional before trying.

More than an activity it is a course which you can opt starting from 30,000 INR

World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa):

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If you have visited the Shanti Stupa in Ladakh, you will find the World Peace Pagoda do be the same. It is also called as Pokhara’s Shanti Stupa. It is a Pagoda style Buddhist shrine which is situated on the Ananda hill.

There are two ways to reach the top;

1- You can drive to the parking station and take 10 minutes to reach the World Peace Pagoda, or

2- You can opt for a boat ride from Pehwa lake and cross to the other side of the mountain from there an hour of trek is needed to climb the Ananda Hill.

Please do avoid the trekking option when in summer or monsoon. As the heat will irritate you and the rains would make the trail mushy and slippery. The best time to visit the Pagoda is for a sunrise or sunset.

Visit Begnas Lake:

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Located in Kaski district of Nepal at the outskirts of Pokhara, this freshwater lake changes colour every season. Also, it is the 2nd largest lake in Pokhara valley. An hour ride will lead you to the lake which can either be by a mode of local transport or private car or rented bike.

It is a hidden gem as it located far from the city centre and not much popular among tourists. You can skinny dip into the lake or opt for a boating service when around. The lake is surrounded by beautiful green mountains and cultivation land.

Visit Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave:

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One of the Shiva Lingam worshipped inside a huge stalagmite is known as Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave. One can find a peaceful atmosphere inside but most of the time it is crowded with local devotees and tourists. You will find many shops outside caves trying to sell holy goods to worship, it is purely your choice if you wish to buy them, as it is not a compulsion. You will need a torch to get yourself inside the cave.

The cave lies in the downstream of the Davi’s fall which needs to climb down the metal stairs to get inside. If you are claustrophobic like me I would strongly recommend checking the place in images before entering it.

The entry fees to the Cave is INR 100 per person.

Visit Devi's Fall:

The story behind the name of this place is very fascinating, one day a swiss couple went swimming but his wife fell and drowned in the pit. Her father wished to name it David’s Fall which is now changed to Devi’s fall.

The waterfall is fed by Phewa lake dam and it is a must witness site in Pokhara. The mysterious story behind the fall is where the Pardi Khola stream disappears underground. The flowing waterfall than meets the Mahadev cave at the downstream, so if you visit Devi’s Fall right opposite is the Gupteshwar Cave. Monsoon is the best time to visit the waterfall.

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The entry ticket to the waterfall is INR 30 per person.

Devis Fall Pokhara Things to do in Pokhara, Nepal

Visit Mahendra Cave:

Yet another cave named after Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev with a statue of Lord Shiva attracting many devotees both locals and tourists. Popular among the Hindu believers, you will find many people come to worship inside the cave. The cave is big enough with fixed light points to ease visibility.

You will also find a way to walk through the Mahendra Cave towards the Bat cave which would take around roughly 30-40 minutes to stroll through the cave or you can walk to the bat cave and opt for a 10 minutes walk through a narrow cave. The bat cave is very narrow and has small tunnel-like pathways so make sure you ask your guide for important pointers before entering.

This particular activity is strongly recommended to be done under the supervision of a tour guide who is well aware of the place and cave. Both the location is situated close to the river Seti in Kaski district. Best time to visit the cave is during winter and summer as it is dry and safe because during monsoon it gets risky.

The entry fees to the Mahendra cave is 100 INR.

And to the Bat Cave is 100 INR and with a guide is 300 INR.

Rent A Bike:

The best and the cheapest way to explore Pokhara is by renting a bike through a rental service provider. This option to explore the city on your own is a must, as you get the freedom to pick the sight you want to see or explore compared to a company based itinerary which gives you a time limit for every stop. We bought a bike on rent for 2 days and it costed us roughly around 1000 INR per day which can further be split if you are travelling in a group or two. For petrol 500 INR is sufficient for city tours. We took the bike to every corner of Pokhara and still managed to save petrol while dropping back.

Some points to identify when choosing a bike:

1. You’ll need a driving license. If you are an international traveller you will need a licence to drive in the city.

2. You will be asked to deposit a sum amount or passport/aadhar card for their assurance purpose.

3. Thoroughly check the bike for any wear and tear before renting so later you won’t have any trouble.

4. Do not lend your bike to anyone else and make sure to park in safe pay and park location.

5. Always wear a helmet while riding the bike as it is a compulsion. And do follow the traffic rules.

You will find many rent providers across the city centre, make sure to bargain with them before finalising on the rent amount.

Hidden Treasures:

If you set out to explore esoteric spots of Pokhara you will come across many places which are not touched by the tourists. Below are a few hidden spots which you can explore while in Pokhara:

Khapaudi: Planning to flock to a less crowded and noisy place? Khapaudi is the right answer to the question. It is the most idyllic and peaceful location with green lush mountains located next to the Phewa lake. Eat fish barbeque with chilled beer and soar high with paragliding are few options you can do while in Khapaudi.


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The Powerhouse: This place is not yet popular among the tourists and a must-do spot when in Pokhara. Located at a 5-minute distance from Devi’s fall you will be welcomed by a 90-degree steep step which will lead you to a Bahun village town. It is a local spot for a picnic among the villagers but still untouched by the tourists.

The beautiful view of the river flow and green mountains surrounding the waters is a sight you do not want to miss. If you plan to further explore the place you will be greeted by an extension bridge which takes you to a neighbouring village.


Hanging Bridge of Pokhara (Suspension Bridge): This is the most instragrammable place you can ever be to. A long suspension bridge built right above the Seti river is an amazing sight to capture. It is called as a Hanging Bridge of Pokhara, located inside narrow lanes of the village you can easily find the location through the google map pin below or you can ask any local to guide you with the direction.

This suspension bridge is at a great height and with a long stretch connecting another side of the village. The most spectacular view can be accepted from this bridge.



The food here is similar to Kathmandu, do read my blog if you wish to try your hands on traditional Nepalese food.

I would recommend rather than trying authentic food in Pokhara you can instead enjoy the nightlife, clubs, lounges, bar and cafe as they stay up till late nights. Kathamandu being a city tends to close down by 9:30 pm but in Pokhara nightlife is completely different and interesting.

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Try out new drinks local or international brands, with some great chicken sekuwa or international cuisine which is easily available in the city centre. The best part about Pokhara is the live bands that happen across clubs or cafe, do not miss out the chance to hear them out.

Few places that I would recommend are:

- Paradiso Sports Bar & Grill

Lakeside Ward No.6, Baidam, Pokhara, Nepal

- Irish Pub

Lakeside Rd Lake, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

- Bamboo Bar Cafe and Restaurant

Lakeside Rd, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

- Sundown by Karma

Pokhara 33700, Nepal

- Krazy Gecko

Baidam Rd, Pokhara 33700, Nepal


Pokhara has nothing different than Kathmandu to offer when it comes to shopping. You can read my blog on- Things to do in Kathmandu for shopping ideas.

Honestly, I would strongly advise to shop on the last day of your trip and do not rush into buying anything without bargain. Pokhara is way more expensive than Kathamndu when it comes to shopping, the same product if you buy from Kathmandu is much cheaper and better. So make sure you plan your shopping from Kathmandu.

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For our convenience, we had planned our itinerary in such a way that we get a free day in Kathmandu to explore the food and shopping part which very well worked out for us, as we got ample time to shop and explore few more sights which we missed.

In all, the one week trip ended on a good note, with a lot of memories and learnings and of course, 8 hours of flight delay on our return was an extra time we got to step out and explore more.