Jalrushti, Mulshi

19th Oct 2018
Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi by AAMNA MISHRA


After confirming your booking you'll receive a mail with directions from Mumbai and Pune. It might get a little confusing so I suggest you download it on google maps from before as there's no network near that area.


It's basically situated on an island surrounded by the river. You'll see the parking area once you enter the main gate and one of the staff members will guide you till the raft that'll take you across the river.

Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 1/15 by AAMNA MISHRA
Way to the resort

The property is maintained in such a way that you would definitely want to take a long stroll. Hammocks and sofa swings are placed after every third or fourth cottage. The garden has a small lotus pond, flowers, different types of plants and ducks and swans roaming around during the day.

Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 2/15 by AAMNA MISHRA
Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 3/15 by AAMNA MISHRA

They have 14 cottages divided into two sections - Jalpushp by the river and Jhalak facing the artificial pond. We stayed at Jalpushp which was bigger and well decorated with a balcony, a low seating area with the river view, a private swing and a small glass attached to the floor.

Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 4/15 by AAMNA MISHRA
Jalpushp cottage
Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 5/15 by AAMNA MISHRA
Private swing in the room
Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 6/15 by AAMNA MISHRA
Low seating in front of the swing
Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 7/15 by AAMNA MISHRA


Honestly, the food wasn't up to the mark but they had a lot of variety. Can't complain much because they offer a good deal compared to other resorts which includes all meals. They have live music at their dinning area which can get loud and off beat compared to the set up. They serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian food.

Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 8/15 by AAMNA MISHRA
Breakfast with a view
Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 9/15 by AAMNA MISHRA
Gajar halwa with Mango ice cream


All these activities are free of cost - swimming pool (only for adults), tractor ride, horse riding, bicycle ride, space for outdoor games and a kids play area. There's a separate hall for indoor games like snooker, table tennis, chess, cards and carom.

Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 10/15 by AAMNA MISHRA
Swimming pool
Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 11/15 by AAMNA MISHRA
Indoor games

On top of all this you also get to enjoy a small library at the reception.

Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 12/15 by AAMNA MISHRA

In case you're visiting on a special occasion then they offer an outdoor candle dinner by the river on request with additional charges.

Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 13/15 by AAMNA MISHRA


I recommend this place only if you're going with family for a weekend trip. Some couples or friends might enjoy the atmosphere but for me it was too loud with young kids and large families coming for a get together trip. It is definitely a good stay at a cheap price so one night is enough to roam around and experience all of it.

Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 14/15 by AAMNA MISHRA
Photo of Jalrushti, Mulshi 15/15 by AAMNA MISHRA

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