Trip to Malshej ghats….!!

4th Feb 2017

Hi, last weekend was soo tiring that we just wanted to escape from our mundane activities. Since the onset of monsoon's in Pune, we were itching to visit surrounding ghats. So one weekend, decided to take a drive through Malshej Ghats. These ghats offers one of the most popular way among the tourists, especially in monsoons. Since, we wanna enjoy the ambiance, we booked our stay for a night at “Saj- by the lake” resort.

Photo of Trip to Malshej ghats….!! 1/2 by varttika

So, this was my first visit cum stay to ghats which was btw recommended by many of my friends. It is a perfect destination for a day out for nature lovers. We started our journey at around 9 am. The weather was very much favorable for a long drive which is really very romantic. The way is full of lush greens and waterfalls one after the other. "The cool breeze, the fog and old evergreen songs", what else one want. You can easily park your car anywhere and enjoy the waterfalls and mountain views.

In 4hrs, we reached at our destination. The resort is a secluded property amids the ghats with the beautiful lake flowing behind it. It has around 15 rooms and a big space for outdoor activities. The rooms were really cozy, big and hygienic. They have good reputation for maintaining hospitality to their guests. After settling down and refreshing, we moved ahead to enjoy the lake area. The lake and adjoining area, provided refreshing view to our mind.

Photo of Trip to Malshej ghats….!! 2/2 by varttika

On stepping out of resort property from behind, there is a road which is surrounded by lush green grass and goes up-to the lake (and may be beyond). We had a nice walk for couple of hours on that road. The sound of water and the cool breeze was making some notes in mind. We just got lost in the scenery. I wish I could ride a bicycle. It started getting more foggy in the late hours of evening and we returned back to the hotel. At the reception, I made a recommendation of introducing more outdoor activities like cycling, climbing, go karting, fishing, boating etc. The staff was very considerate of my advice. Recently, I checked and looks like they have already started with some of the activities.

We enjoyed the evening in the resort along the poolside with the glass of wine. Next morning, we woke up to a beautiful morning, the weather was foggy and it was drizzling. We spent some time enjoying the ambiance in our balcony overlooking the lake. After that we just got ready, had amazing English breakfast including omelets and salads... (M Loving it) and got all set to move ahead towards home.

Photo of Saj By The Lake, Pune, Maharashtra, India by varttika

Finally the expectations from the trip was completely up to the mark. Far off from the hustle bustle of the city. The lush green belt of Sahyadris has great scenic views. They never disappoint us. We started our journey back at about 11 am the next day. There was dense fog at that time also and the visibility was really very less.

Overall the trip made our weekend satisfying and we happily returned back with good memories and an urge to visit back, the next season.