Why Travel?

Photo of Why Travel? by The Roving Man
Day 1

Is it for fun? Yes, may be. But honestly speaking, not everything remains fun if you start doing it hardcore. At least for me, this happens… Why you ask? Because then you yourself starts setting targets for you and then get pressurised to fulfil those targets. Though the better part here is…it’s ‘You’ who is setting these targets and not your boss or someone else…. but then… why not a more sensible business?

Travel is different. We are 8 billion people on this tiny planet… and still we have remained in this quite silly enclosure of 4 walls to satisfy our comfort zone. Step out…you’ll see happiness. You’ll see pain. You feel the pleasure of doing tiny trivial things. You’ll feel sorrow for some biggest losses, that just remained news headline when we were in our rooms having popcorn and switching channel. You’ll feel it all around you… for real… Sometimes you may find yourself in between a heavy metal concert in Belgium jumping your ass off and probably you’ll find yourself in midst of water thriving village the other day witnessing people struggling for basic needs. There are huge possibilities and enormous number of scenarios of these kind… that we have just heard in stories or we have just dreamt of. And that’s where stepping out and travelling the world comes into play.

I always thought, what might I’ll say to myself in my last days.? “Damn, you should have explored this as well/experienced this as well” or “Damn, you did and awesome job”. You see, this choice is always ours…it’s just a matter of having the courage to executing it at right time.

Travel is not fun always…. but yes…it makes you learn things…it’ll make you a wise man… it’ll show you how the world beyond you works… Travel is nothing but inspiration. And no... I am not talking about books or movies…I am talking about practice experiences, who knows…you might come back tomorrow with an idea to change the world.