9th May 2023
Day 1

BHANGRA is the traditional folk dance of Punjab and started as a celebration of the harvesting season.

Whenever you visit Punjab, you must attend Bhangra events that are performed every day at traditional places like Sada Pind in Amritsar, Haveli- Punjab theme restaurant at Jalandhar and Amritsar. Kala Manch Patiala etc. You must groove in the traditional Punjabi beats and I bet you will be able to stop once started.

Malwai Giddha is the folk dance of males of Malwa region of Punjab that includes Patiala. This is a special and different Bhangra form which was originally performed by Babey (old men) of Punjab and was termed as Babeyan da Giddha. This art form is performed on live Dhol and music and is blended with live Boliyan (folk poetry). There are many teams of Malwai Giddha performers with this pic of Patiala team and me being in blue attire and sitting on the right. 

The instruments used in Malwai Giddha are special traditional instruments that need a lot of practice to play and sync with the beat. Interestingly, these instruments are carried in a special manner to be able to show it as an integral part of your attire and flaunt it also.   Some commonly used instruments are :
Kaato - Squirrel
Kainchi- Scissors
Khunda - Stick
Chimta- Tongs
Bansari - Flute
toombi - a small pluck string instrument.

The colorful dresses with traditional ornaments signify the colorful nature of Punjab and deliver the message of celebrating every moment.

Whenever you visit Punjab, it will be an honor to serve you. So let me know, whenever you need any information about Punjab.

Photo of Punjab by Amit Singla
Photo of Punjab by Amit Singla
Photo of Punjab by Amit Singla