11th May 2023
Day 1

Known by its special plates in the trouser, the Patiala Shahi suit is the most famous attire of Punjabi tradition. It was the King of Patiala who used to wear the Patiala Shahi Salwar as his royal Suit. wore a Patiala salwar as his royal suit and which has over the years transformed to a traditional woman wear worn throughout Punjab and has inspired the Woman attire globally.  The trouser of Patiala Shahi suit has loose layers and are converted into pleats which give it a royal look through its artistic design and comfort.  Due to its pleats,  a Patiala salwar requires double the length of material for its design and stitching. The pleats are then bound to the special rectangular belt called plate and act as drapes which gives it a unique and beautiful look.

The Patiala turban actually represents the Royal Patiala culture as adored by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. Patiala Pagg is one of the two prominent royal styles of turbans
It is one of the two prominent styles of Sikh turbans from the Punjab Plain area. The turns that are known as Lar in Punjabi, are usually seen on one side of turban whereas inPatiala Shahi style the layers of Lar are seen on both sides of the turban.

The Punjabi jutti also known as Patiala Jutti is a traditional type of footwear made up of leather and beautified with  extensive embroidery to give it a royal touch.
Juttis have evolved over time and from hand made to machine made many local versions inspired by that place and it's tradions, have come into the market. The fun fact is that the Punjabi juttis have no left or right distinction at the start. as the user wears it over time, it takes the shape of the feet and gets an identification of left and right as per the shape of the foot. Juttis don't have any heels and are similar in design for both men and women. However the design of men carry an added extension  called Noke ( curve) in Punjabi which represents masculinity being similar to a traditional Punjabi moustache.

The parandi is a part of ethnic  Punjabi attire and is a hair ornament used as an extension to the braid.  It is made of multicolored silk threads and decorated with floral bunches to create the long extended beautiful braids.  You will see Punjabi ladies wearing these Parandis during special occasions and while performing the traditional dance form of Punjab called  GIDDHA. Patiala is famous for these traditional Parandis and you can find a variety of them from hand crafted to machine made and in a wide variety of colors to match your dress.

Not just for clothing and accessories, the Royal Patiala is famous for one more thing - The Patiala Peg. It is an integral part of urban- and rural-drinking vocabulary in Punjab. The Patiala peg is different and special in a way that the measured value of alcohol in a peg is different from a normal peg. A normal peg of whiskey is 30 ml and 60ml when doubled.  The Patiala peg is traditionally measured and defined by the distance between the index and little finger when they are held parallel against a glass. Rough measurement of a patiala peg comes in between 100-120ml and that's why it is referred to as EXTRA LARGE.

Visit the Royal City PATIALA once and explore its beauty while enjoying and trying all its traditional items to have a royal experience.

Photo of Patiala by Amit Singla
Photo of Patiala by Amit Singla
Photo of Patiala by Amit Singla
Photo of Patiala by Amit Singla