Jaipur: Grandeur of Culture, Art and Colors: 

27th Dec 2017

I planned for the Jaipur and Udaipur trip during my winter break from college. The trip was originally planned for 5 days but due to the extreme delays in trains cause of the winter, the 3 days in Jaipur got reduced to 2 days but I was able still able to make the most of it. I am sharing my Jaipur explorations here.

Photo of Jaipur: Grandeur of Culture, Art and Colors:  1/8 by VaNi
From a corner of Amer Fort

Day 1: I woke up early to start my day with a visit to the Amber Fort (Amer Fort) which is a little far from the city. The auto ride took 40 minutes and 200 INR. It is a 15 minute walk uphill to reach the entrance of the fort. One can also take an elephant ride to the top which is commonplace. The fort is an architectural beauty with the rustic look working really well for pictures.

Photo of Jaipur: Grandeur of Culture, Art and Colors:  2/8 by VaNi
Amer Fort

The next on my list was the Nahargarh Fort which is difficult to reach as it is on top and the autos charge 300 INR. The view that you get of the city from the top is amazingly crazy. The fort has been renovated through fresco paintings (Yes, the profession of Deepika in Love Aaj Kal) and look really exquisite. If you are one for walking, there is a downhill road to the city from the Nahagarh Fort which is a bit rocky but makes for a good stroll.

Photo of Jaipur: Grandeur of Culture, Art and Colors:  3/8 by VaNi
Fresco at Nahargarh Fort

Since I was too tired to explore the markets after the walk, I decided to see the sunset from Jal Mahal. It was not exactly a great place to hangout cause of the ill maintenance of the surroundings. I still had a cup of chai and then headed back.

Photo of Jaipur: Grandeur of Culture, Art and Colors:  4/8 by VaNi
Jal Mahal

The day didn't end there cause we were extremely hungry. We went back to our hostel, freshened up and checked for restaurants around the area for some amazing food. We settled on Peacock Rooftop Restaurant at Hotel Pearl Palace based on Zomato ratings. It turned out to be a fantastic place with great ambiance and delicious food. It is a must visit!

Photo of Jaipur: Grandeur of Culture, Art and Colors:  5/8 by VaNi
Peacock Rooftop Restaurant

Day 2: We started the second day a little late and with sumptuous brunch at Tapri Tea House which was higly recommended on a few pages I visited to make my itinerary. The vada pav, veg sandwiches and adrak wali chai (ginger tea) made my day. We then headed to the Jaipur City Palace. This is where one fill find the famous and beautiful peacock door. With a varied colors range, the design of the architecture is very royal and speaks a lot about the cultural practices during the reign of kings.

Photo of Jaipur: Grandeur of Culture, Art and Colors:  6/8 by VaNi
The Peacock Door

The Palace of Winds aka Hawa Mahal was our next destination. At first it didn't seem anything like the other palaces I had visited but I was proven wrong immediately. The colored glasses in various rooms of the palace are a treat for the eyes and a photographer's haven.

Photo of Jaipur: Grandeur of Culture, Art and Colors:  7/8 by VaNi
Windows of Hawa Mahal from inside

We thought of ending the day with good food at Laxmi Mistan Bhandar cause of the local reputation it has. We got a seat after a 30 minute wait and the meal was disappointing. To uplift myself I decided to go shopping at the famous Bapu and Johri Bazaars. If you're one for colors and antique jewelry, both of them are good places for purchases. I got a couple of Bandhani dupattas for myself and my friends.

Things To Know Before You Go :-

1. If you have a valid student id card, it'll help you get tickets at all places for way cheaper than normal prices.

2. Even during the last week of December, we didn't need any layer of winter clothes during the day. It would be helpful to visit this amazing city during cooler months for sure.

3. The local kachoris and daal baatis are a must try wherever you get them.

4. DO NOT MISS the local artists playing Sarangi and performing puppet shows at the palaces. They were a treat for my ears!

5. My stay for 2 days was at Roadhouse Hostels which was near to the railway station and at a good location. I got a slightly expensive deal cause of the season but it was very clean and gave good vibes.

Photo of Jaipur: Grandeur of Culture, Art and Colors:  8/8 by VaNi
Amer Fort

The two days in this awesome city was full of colors, art and culture. I wouldn't mind going back to explore the by lanes of this traditional city which has a lot to offer for everyone.