8 Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations To Prove You're Not Just Another Couple 


After making a million choices about the venue, dress, gifts, guestlist and decor, the last thing you and your life partner want to do is hunt for a honeymoon destination.

While the pressure of finding a honeymoon destination that is romantic, but unusual is real, it’s equally true that nothing beats the I-can't-keep-my-hands-off-you honeymoon phase.

As a wedding present, here's a list of hidden honeymoon gems that are sure to give your friends holiday envy!

Credits: Wikimedia

Photo of Algarve, Portugal by Gunjan Upreti

Where: Portugal

Ten-second takeaway: This southernmost region of Portugal is also the third richest in the country. The appealing shoreline of the Algarve receives most attention for its amazing cliffs, brilliant shorelines and sandy islands. While the rest of Portugal is a premier honeymoon destination, the Algarve is still a hidden delight.

What to do: Take a yacht and go to Arte Nautica – an oceanfront eatery on Armacao de Pera shoreline. Request a table out on the porch, and do try the Mozambique tiger prawns.

Get drenched in Algarve Water Parks. The three main ones are Aquashow, Aqualand and Slide & Splash.

Best time to visit: The Algarve is truly a year-round destination. While spring and summer attracts a bigger crowd, the winter months (December to March) are the best time to score off-season discounts.

Credits: Angel Xavier Viera-Vargas

Photo of Vieques, Puerto Rico by Gunjan Upreti

Where: Puerto Rico

Ten-second takeaway: The island has a charming, laid-back environment. A valid example: There are no traffic lights. This three-mile-wide, 21-mile-long American island has some of the Caribbean's most beautiful and unpopulated beaches, a handful of good places to stay and an ever-increasing number of visitors.

What to do: Check out the neon light show at Puerto Mosquito, a Bioluminescent bay, in which every gallon of water holds more than 700,000 minuscule bioluminescent living beings that sparkle blue-white when aggravated either by a kayak paddle or your appendages, when you make a plunge for a relaxed swim. Since the island has some of the world's best untouched coral reefs, go snorkelling. The best part is that you don't need a guide; instead, take your own snorkelling gear, park at the beginning of the pier and dive in.

Best time to visit: Visit Vieques between November and March, when the winter winds travel north, and you can enjoy the sun, surf and warmth.

Credits: Wikimedia

Photo of Pucón, Chile by Gunjan Upreti

Where: Chile

Ten-second takeaway: If you and your significant other like the idea of adventurous romance, make a beeline for this Chilean city. Hailed as a mecca for adventure sports, Pucon is a world-class destination for adrenaline junkies.

What to do: Climb the active volcano, Villarrica; go for a long walk in the Huerquehue National Park and in case you're sore from all that moving around, relax your muscles in the Termas Geométricas (hot springs).

Best time to visit Pucon: This city enjoys good weather in January, February, March, April, November and December.

Credits: Pixabay

Photo of Dingle, Ireland by Gunjan Upreti

Where: Ireland

Ten-second takeaway: The only town on the Dingle Peninsula, Dingle is for those who are looking for some quiet time with their partners. There are sandy beaches, which are safe for swimming, strolling routes for a romantic walk, and a very happening music scene, which you cannot miss out on!

What to do: Rent a car and explore the countryside; go pub hopping through famous pubs such as McCarthy’s on Goat Street, An Droichead Beag, Foxy John’s and Adam’s on the main street.

Best time to visit Dingle: March to June is a good time to visit Dingle, as the natural scenery bursts into life.

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Credits: Min Zhou

Photo of Hvar, Croatia by Gunjan Upreti

Where: Croatia

Ten-second takeaway: While this Croatian town attracts its share of party lovers, what most people don't know is that Hvar also offers plenty of romance for honeymooners.

What to do: Spend a day unwinding on the Grebisce beach or lose all sense of direction in the lavender fields near Velo Grablje.

Devour gourmet fish straight from the sea and don't forget to take a day excursion to the Paklinski Islands.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Hvar is actually a matter of individual choice. May to September is peak season and the island is infested with tourists. If you want to avoid the crowd, consider another slot for your visit as Hvar offers great year-round opportunities for fun.

Credits: wikimedia

Photo of Panajachel, Callejon La Navidad, Guatemala by Gunjan Upreti

Where: Guatemala

Ten-second takeaway: For a different kind of honeymoon experience, involving hikes, kayaking and amidst three volcanoes, head to Panajachel.

What to do: Visit Lake Atitlan – one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. You can also explore a local village or the onion fields on a hike or trail run. Don't forget to paraglide to get a bird's eye view of Panajachel.

Best time to visit: The months from November to April bring dazzling blue skies and warm sunshine in Panajachel, and make it the best time to visit.

Credits: zolakoma

Photo of Antalya, Turkey by Gunjan Upreti

Where: Turkey

Ten-second takeaway : I know suggesting a Mediterranean destination for a honeymoon is a cliché, but this small city on the turquoise coast is often overlooked by honeymooners. Once essentially considered as the passage to the Turkish Riviera, Antalya today is very much a destination in its own right.

What to do: Explore the ruins of ancient Perge near Antalya; stroll down the narrow-cobbled streets of Kaleici and absorb the atmosphere and vibes; visit Aspendos – a well-preserved Roman theatre in the Belek region of Antalya.

Best time to visit: August to November are considered the best months to visit Antalya.

Photo of Palawan by Gunjan Upreti

Where: Philippines

Ten-second takeaway: It's the country's final frontier – an untainted region of stunning waterscape and tropical excellence. Philippines’ most sparsely populated region is also the most enchanting.

What to do: Hike and try the different adventures in Ugong Rock; go island-hopping on the quiet waters of Honda Bay; get up close and personal with the wild animals at the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Palawan would be the summer months of March to June.

Where will you start your happily ever after? Do you have any other places I could add to this list? Which is your favourite place to honeymoon? Share you thoughts here.

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